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Southern Dudes

Jun 02 2006 | BPM: 86 | Producer: Slantize
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17 Feedback

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Frantic synth leads and brass hits with pizzicato strings constantly moving over quick southern drums.

Moods: Frantic
Genres: Club, Dirty South

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17 Feedback to “Southern Dudes”

  1. YEAH !
    This one I’ll make it HIT !

  2. yo slant i really dig yo beats big dog u go real hard on em thangs big hommie real talk my dude i got songs for days i would love to work with a producer like u one day keep it a GRAND!!! YA BOY BOODRO24

  3. Oh shit, i Know sum NOLA boys that would kill this shit

  4. Damn, whistles are hot, the synts are hot, drum pattern is hot, but the orchestra is flaming hot…wouldn’t expect them in this beat, but they set the beat off well! Nothing but great work!

  5. DAMN.. !..

  6. man slant u never cease to amaze the ppl on here man…love the whistle and the orchestral beat too…i love it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. i dont think this is a lil jon track it reminds me more of T.I. and his song “I’m a king”

  8. lil jon screamin his ass off would blend nice on this beat..LOL

  9. as soon as i get my new cell phone im buying this ringtone. its sick. Great work

  10. wow this is pretty sick and im not much into the south style beats but this one is reallllly good, awesome work Slantize


  11. now the whistlin here worked out well, ay ay.
    needs a lil jon OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY on this lol. Nice crunk flips slanty boy. hahaha. nah fer real, tight shit bro. Keep em southern niggaz bangin woahhhhhh. hhaa

  12. this has gotta be the best one yet. holy shit

  13. Love that whistling.. It’s so hot. I know what you’re talking aboutm ADP!

  14. one of your best beats slantize…lol at adp

  15. haha adp youre hilarious, that analogy makes absolutely no sense

  16. When slant told me he bout to release this beat, i wasn’t very happy!! Its too creative for online but again i said you know what this is slantize we talking about. I mean hits are made everyday. Its somewhat like when my moms starts making chocolate chip cookies and never stops even tho i get tired of em i still eat them. Lol

  17. This beat sounds happy and clubby

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