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The Sandman

Jun 03 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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34 Feedback

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94 BPM. This isn’t your conventional middle eastern beat. It has a much different hard hittin drum, with an extremely catchy flute and string melody.

Genres: Club

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34 Feedback to “The Sandman”

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  2. The Sandman | Beats by Shadowville Productions

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  4. Dudez…THIS SAME BEAT WAS USED BY DESHI MCs in their Debut album “Banned”…WTF..They didnt even buy it…It sold 4 thousnd copies in Bangladesh!

  5. ooo mann good man

  6. bet söz yogow

  7. fuck off all peaple

  8. oooooooo…….hoooooooooooooot…


  9. this track aint my style but is hot.
    middle eastern of somewhat.

    i like the drop in the beginning,

    nice strings…


  10. I LOVE IT!

  11. I like the Sandman Beat, It would work well with symbolism, Saudi’s dancing on a floor pictured with a map of the United States while they throw dollars into the air while accept stacks of euro’s in payment from men in suits. I can see it now :(

  12. not verry good but all of the points

  13. beat is sick …
    DZK muurda that in his track “Shorty is a dancer(B.I.G mix)

  14. this is killa indeed ! Shawarma Madness

  15. ya right homies,this is the beat,n this is the hit.i love it frm the first flash,i made it ready now,i already sung it.i hpe every body will be sick abt it !!shitty hit truely !!!i love that shit!!!

  16. This beat is and has been the shiznit. Me, Metrik, DZK, and Haul have all ripped this sucker to shreds with ease. This is just one of those kinds of beats that you instantly start writing or freestyling to as soon as it starts playing. Pop off with some more like this, but don’t cliche’ yourself to the Arabian-type stuff….5 stars because I kicked it’s ass.


  17. i am suprised this is totally a sick azz beat str8 from the middle east nice shit keep it comin

  18. Whats going on??? So, slantize, a while ago I sent you an e-mail to check out my track Puppet Girl. You left a msg on my soundclick board saying it was good or something of the sort. I am just contacting you to let you know that I will be leasing the beat “The Sandman” in the next couple days. The reason for this is obviosly the legal reasons. I was just contacted via phone call and asked if I would allow a Canada wide fashion show to use my track “Puppet Girl” to open up the fashion show at each venue listed on the fashion show tour. The cities included are: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. This is an unbelievable oportunity for my music as it will also be for ShadowVille Productions. My soundclick site and contact info will be printed on the posters promoting the show and also I will personally be handing out business cards and flyers at the Calgary show.

    Now, I will be changing my soundclick site to fully promote ShadowVille Productions so that when people come to download Puppet Girl, they will know where the production of the beat was made and where they too can purchase and download top quality beats.

    If you could contact me through e-mail, I would like to discuss this topic further. Thanks for your time and keep on rocking out the optimus prime time beats.


    Steve Hall (HAUL)

  19. I remember hearing DZK on this beat… he flipped it better than anyone really lol I can’t imagine anyone else on it.
    Tha beat is tooooo sick! And he pulled it off…


  20. i’m middle eastern , the beat’s dope , tryina think of what to spit to this..just need to think of a suitable topic

  21. I’m actually egyptian, and I’ve been looking for a middle eastern styled beat for a song with fun lyrics… I heard this one and “Pharaoh’s Curse” a while ago and liked them, but wanted to see what else is out there. Here I am back at this page because, honestly, other producers just don’t get how to put a beat to arabic styled music.

    I’d like to use this on a demo, if you don’t mind. Of course, if I decide use it, I’ll send you the track first.

    Props to all the beats on this site, too. Honestly.

  22. this is def 1 of the best beats ever

  23. One of my fav middle eastern beats…awsome!

  24. dude slant i love it man….if i had money in my account right now i would so fuckin buy it….but its all in my wallet and safe…lol….much love man


  25. “This isn’t your conventional middle eastern beat” lol slants tryna come up with new ways to say unconventional. lol jp the strings are nice as hell on this one and the wide synth hits make it that much better

  26. middle eastern vibes on point….hot track

  27. This was the first track I heard on Soundclick about a month ago, I’ve been hitten your page since!!!

  28. another one of my favorites…sounds like it could be club hit or an underground banger, chorus is fucking hot, could be either singed or rapped over


  30. this beat is so crazy

  31. crazy beat…

  32. ye i like this beat, i love arabian style beats after all my gf is arabian :D lol


  33. nahh.. Your usual mid east beats top this by far. Slow burnin, or your Oriental beat, really lovely shit.. Flip back to storch style. This beat dont really hang off the ears.


  34. Not my favorite, but that fatass saw is sick

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