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Feb 09 2008 | BPM: 90 | Producer: Slantize, 2Deep
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Some laid back, relaxing, jazzy beat using soft saxophone, strings, and guitars. Slantize and 2Deep collaboration.

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30 Feedback to “Unwind”

  1. 11 yrs ago:


  3. Didnt Sage Francis use this beat?

  4. I need it

  5. Please someone send this to me please thanks in advance.

  6. Just finished a verse on this one, check it out, where I come from — call it that Real Maybach Music

    @drunkandhigh247, Could you please send me this beat?

  7. i recorded to this when i was in 10th grade…
    (2007)– still have the song and i want to let you all hear it…

    @assassin-13, could you send me a copy of the beat?

  8. making a song on this beat with a rapper who often collabarates with the 3 6 mafia! :D

  9. Nice collab of producers.
    Best Ive Heard.Did a song to it.Titled “Unwind” @

  10. one love for your work.

  11. dope as always, may i ask has anything been sampled in this?

  12. 4est, вообще-то минус “Гуф - для неё” который сделал мико, был сделан с сэмпла “Tha Mexakinz - Never in This World (1996)”, причём сделан очень не красиво, галима плагиат, т.к. бит и скорость те-же , он добавил только сэмпл голоса девушки…

  13. Tha Mexakinz - Never in This World (1996)

  14. heavy but sexy look im lovin it

  15. wooooooooooooooooooowwww

  16. за основу взят минус с Guf - для неё.


  18. yo this is a dope beat. madd funny i heard this with a 2pac verse on it about a year ago before i knew about shadowville. its fuckin dope

  19. lol to me it’s kinda obvious who did the drums…..2Deep always uses those same one, but they sound fuckin raw

  20. ey unas pistas haci es como la nececito muchas gracias por facilitarnos las cosas alos mc¨s de vajos recursos att medellin colombia

  21. 4 sho I got sum shit 2 dis

    da track is called Drift Away

  22. the sample is from sage francis ” inherited scars”.. i would not want to spit on this beat cuz theres already a great song written on it… every time i here this sample from the beat i think bout that song so i think yall better off leaving this alone

  23. the_MOST_chilliest beat i ever heard… BIG UP!

  24. this is what hip hop needs!!!
    keep up the good work.

  25. Sick beat

  26. damn

    so damn good

  27. fuckin beautiful…..need to spit some flows to it

    very clear, flowing, and sophisticated

    keep up the good work

  28. nice beat

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