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Memories Of You

Mar 17 2008 | BPM: 90 | Producer: Slantize
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95 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Soft female voice sample blended with beautiful violins to create a sad, romantic, lonely beat.

Moods: Sad

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95 Feedback to “Memories Of You”

  1. good



  4. I agree! Be unique and original. Who ever purchased this instrumental I’m extremely hating but it belongs to you now. I just hope you treat that beat better than your spouse! I AM TRULY INTERESTED IN HEARING THE RESULT - SO IF YOU WOULD MIND - WHO EVER U ARE - PLEASE EMAIL IT TO ME - WOULD HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT! - -

    Every one else - fuck off -

  5. this is going out to all you fukin peeps shittin for a beat
    non of the producers of shadowville will send you their beats only because yall mothafukers ask them to send it to you if you really want it purchase it bithes!!! and if itsz unavalable then thats to bad for yall motherfukers!!!!!!!

  6. yo whoever gots this if u could please send it to me i would appreciate it very much..

  7. algo bn la base men olle no se puede descargar verdad me gustaria descargarla men

  8. Beautiful sad music on this instrumental, French rap, listen to her !!!

  9. I really need this beat…could someone send me PLEASE?

    @tama mc,

  10. Hello!
    Could somebody send me that beat?
    It’s wonderful!
    Please reply.

  11. Hey hey man I liked very much the pace I need it for work Please contact me

  12. Hello. I am writing to much to ask.
    Can you send me a beat: Memories of You? Very Please.
    And how do these beautiful sleepers?
    This is my e-mail:
    Please reply.

  13. I need this beat?

  14. Could you send me that beat? is Awesome! Please.



  16. i love this track so much! i… kinda’ want it … :D

  17. could somebody send me that song? please

  18. I love this song n want the track..somebody send me ,please..

  19. Hey! This beat is very nice! Could you send me it please?

  20. please send me the beat! is amzing!


  21. Oye me podrias pasar la instrumental esque esta a toda madre y me gustaria aser una rola con esta base este ees mi correo

  22. Yes People… I really nlike this tune … could you send me this beat to my e-mail… I really would be happy to get this beat because i want to make suprise for my girlfriend…

  23. need this track, somebody can get it me?

    add and send me it.

    thanks for all :)

  24. I need this track, somebody who can get it for me?
    Then add and send me it
    Thanks so far:D

  25. nice beat

  26. i want somthin like this. i’m ready to kill for it.

  27. this song is from a korean drama called “a sad love story”

  28. dammmmmmmmmm fk nice

  29. @persona - this guys are Polish, and yeah, track is great. About their dead friend :(

  30. salntize BEST

  31. gozlerin iki okan, goz yawlarin icinde kiciy baliiiiiiq

    sene sevireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem meeeeeeeeeeen awwwwwwwwwwwkim

  32. bu beat’i daha Once indirdim fakat suAn inmiyoR . biLqisi oLan biri yaRdımcı oLursa sewnirim ii payLasımLar …

  33. supperrr

  34. H.O.S.T[Qaraqan] - Men ve Sen

  35. la mejor…

  36. My favorite beats GOD JOB hallall bab

  37. yo man i think i found who bought it or maybe just used it…its some guys.. they sound russian well it sounds cool to me even without understanding the lyrics

    @persona, They’re Polish. But yeah, totally

  38. IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I want this tracks, not to do anything to but just for listening purposes…its so sweet :)
    if anyone has it

  40. Haha, i Know The Guy Who Bought This Beat And Named it ‘My Apology’.. We Fought Over it For Awhile, Yeah He Won And He Did it Justice.

  41. ağlama bebek :D

  42. amazing beat, dont know how you do it everytime slant..disappointed someone bought it i cant use it (n)

  43. damn dis beat is too real u gotta make it available 2 download its the PERFECT beat for a rhyme of mine the vocals are SICK nd i love how they go through out the whole track. dawg u gotta let me download it!!!

  44. yeah man its very beautifull. çook güzell….

  45. seytan ve melek …..

  46. I Found out A Few Days Ago I Had It I Was Pissed But Happy I Found It This Beat Is Classick

  47. Me gusta el beat

  48. This Beat Is What I Need Its So Beautiful

  49. Great! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KOMEDYEN new track

  50. if i had this baet maybee illl bee famost in my country…. fuck…

  51. WTF !!!!!

    why isnt this beat available ?!?!?!?!?



  52. I have it as my ringtone ha ha

  53. I need this track, somebody who can get it for me?

    Then add and send me it ;)
    Thanks so far <3

  54. Hey can anyone help meeee???? I don’t want this beat,I just want an another”Sweet Like Candy”please help out!!!!

    Is there any chance that I could have it???

    Please help me!

  55. y is it unavailable????
    i need that man!

  56. my homie VKB ripped this joint last year. if it werent for that i might never have known about shadowville.

  57. damn .
    the sickest

  58. perfect melody..

  59. NiCE 1NE


  61. Say : UNAVAILABLE……. where is DownLoad ? Help Plasee… :S

  62. soo cool beat

    I love it

  63. блин а почему скачать нельзя((?

  64. whoboughtthis??????!!!!!!!!!

  65. Fucking amazing beat and The girls voice is so HOT !

  66. sad!!!

  67. very very touching reminds me of my ex GF :(
    Great beat

  68. it’s alright nuffing AMAZING

  69. kinda sad but this shit is nice. I love it

  70. oh shit, that is a beat =D. yo i hope you wouldnt mind me downloading it to spit on ?

  71. I love this track. Thank u.

  72. Die beat is perfect Zswaa..

  73. that girls voice puts me in a trance

  74. goddamn ! This beat is the shit! This is totally completed.. Sad love.. dayym.. No lyrics is good enough 2 this beat.. The beat is for itself.. keep up the good work

  75. This is beautiful….The best track on this site!

  76. Props Mate, This Beat Is Oh So Sick

    Best Ive Heard In Its Catergory..Keep That Ish Up

  77. nice nice nice nice nice

  78. damn it man makes me so fuc**** sad..

    youve outdone ur self…

    love this beat

  79. I’m not taking anything away from this beat, but when I listened to this, I noticed how the background part was so similar to How You Make Me Feel, and when I overlapped the songs, the kick drum parts fit together perfectly with no time stretching involved. So I’m guessing you have a specific outline for these things, like start with a solo of the sample, then the measure leading into the main song ending with the chorus going twice. I still agree it’s a great beat, but seems some of your better songs involve just throwing a kick drum behind a sample.

  80. I aint even gonna tell you how good this is… your head’s big enough already.

  81. this beat is absolutely beautiful..i’d love to spit on it but i honestly don’t know how, it’s complete how it is.

    amazingly well done Slantize.

  82. Luv This Beat is Great, Downloaded this shit. Making an Emotional rap on this. Your Da best slantize , keep it up Dawg. ~1~

  83. This whole Layout is Brilliant! I got to give you your props on this one! No joke!

  84. ……..Brilliance…….Pure Brilliance.

  85. beatiful beat,, i can cry on this beat
    very well slantize!

  86. really nice composittion slantize
    not worth any rap lyrics its a complete track the way it is now
    props and always seeing forward to new tracks

  87. Man…. i was like “This right here is some heaterism”. My only qualm was that the sampled vocal goes through out the whole track. I thought itd just be in the hook… damn. Idk bout spitting over something in the back like that.. i really wanted to use this too lol >:/

  88. this makes me want to kill people hahahahaha… this beat is WOW.

  89. Holy shit this is brilliant. You lucky bitch! That sample is so perfect it’s stupid! Props for finding that shit… Amazing.

  90. the absolute best in its field

  91. so sad…..

    I love it.

  92. Beautiful Composition Slant, I think I might shed a tear

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