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Future Muzik

Apr 03 2008 | BPM: 120 | Producer: Slantize
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15 Feedback

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Fast-paced dance style, with a twist of 80s, 90s, and 2000’s, as an upgrade to the next generation of synthesized club beats.

Moods: Dark, Frantic
Genres: Club, Pop

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15 Feedback to “Future Muzik”

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  2. this is the kinda beat i wouldve expected to hear on “forsaken 64″ back in the day

  3. nice shit wannna help me with where the hook is I think I found it but I wanna be sure give me the time frames of the first verse and chorus, eg verse 23 sec-1 min 2 sec, choruse 1min 2 sec-1min 30 sec

  4. Lol, now that I just came back to this beat. I did this in 2008, and oh my is this style popular in 2010. Totally called it on “future” music. Lol.

  5. i done freaked this beat up and down im waitin on this singer to hit me up with the chorus i wrote and then it will be posted!!!! stay tuned

  6. All i have to say is your a beast dude,i write freestye music,and your the only one on here that truly captures that kinda old school club beat but turns it into something more modern im guessing,i already seen a few beats i will most likely be purchasing from you,keep up the great work bro

  7. It realy good !!!!

  8. why did u write muzik???
    isnt it MUSIC

  9. slant if u there i need t ask, is it ok if upload some of my beat on this site and let me know wat u think… holla back, im sure i can make people jump out there sit too, haha… nice beat by the way keep it up homie

  10. yo that is sweet i like it man… i can surelly break dance to this..

  11. Very Nice, This tune reminds me of the (ol’ Gina beats) known as late 80’s early 90’s dance freestyle, its got a modern twist.. sweet :)

  12. wauw wery cute

  13. it is ok, but the thing is part of the beat sounds clubish, but the lead sounds like a cryptic beat, so it if u changed dat up it would be good.

  14. I Love the intro!!!

  15. ahah wooooooooooooo FINALLYYYY its up :D lol

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