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Sweet Like Candy

Apr 07 2008 | BPM: 108 | Producer: Slantize
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40 Feedback

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Sexy club beat with synth flute, bells, and bangin drums.

Moods: Inspiring
Genres: Club, Pop

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40 Feedback to “Sweet Like Candy”


  2. could i please use this beat i want it so badly? let it be able to download ! Thank You

    @framecrown1, (Y) amazing beat!!!! make it avaible again
    All we want for Christmas is this boom beat Slantizeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Is This Beat SOLD or not

  4. i want this beat…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. illest wun, sorry to down you and i mean no disrespect, but this is a serious beat. it is a great beat. We all have different taste, so you really can’t say someone is not on your level if they love this beat. Most people love this beat, alot of people I know that have visited this site. this is a great beat, just because you can’t hear the real potential behind it, does not bring you to a higher level. You actually seem to be the only one who is feeling this way it seems. Yes he has other great beats as well, but this is right up there too.You don’t know me, but trust me on this one. Sorry but i think you are so wrong. ask yourself how many hit songs over the years that you may not have liked. That is how i know you are off the mark. I will not debate this.

  6. club ama gzel melankolik olmış

  7. .

  8. Anyone wants to help me findin’ this Beat????


  9. Please can anyone send this “Beat”to me??


    my e-mail:

  10. Please can anyone send this “Beat”to me!

    Please :)

    my e-mail:

    I really enjoyed this one!

  11. this beat got trick up its sleave , it gets up up n going

    niice work

  12. I dont know what i like more, this sick beat ready for lyrical murder or those two faggots arguing about it! lol but on the real desik knows wassup with dis one. Everyone loves a good eic banger but when it comes down to hit making type material you have to think PASSED the instrumental and incorperate the artists own ryhming style and swagger. So dig this, illest wun, if you feel the need to add a more positive vybe then add it yourself hommie. You say your an artist and i dont know you enough to say otherwise so throw something up on here mayne lets see it….

  13. this is the best beat i ever heard in all my life:D

  14. It sounds a mix between Cassie, Timbo & Usher. :)
    All very good. :D

  15. fiyah!!

  16. lan olum beatin allahını yapmışınız

  17. whatz kracking digging this beat wutz up wit some beats just so i can rap on them and supply them 2 the hood get at me!

  18. I like this beat but it’s IDENTICAL to the beat Cherish and Young Joc used in the song, ‘Shawty Is A Killa’. Same melody just a different sounding snare. Oh well, I guess everything can’t be original. Nice work none-the-less.

  19. Do you feel the need to respond to every post? It’s pretty funny that the guy that cannot complete a sentence is calling me an idiot.

    This beat is a bare shadowville beat. Slantize has many standout beats, but this is not one of them. I know you a young dude, so you need time to listen to beats and hear the difference. Just do your research first, and then I will listen to your opinion. Still, it will take years to get to my level son.

  20. alright homie this is gettin old. i cant complete a sentence and you cant spell. aint no point talkin crap by typing its pretty damn corny. but you keep saying i dont know what good music is, your an idiot. dawg whatever producer you is behind telling them “oh thats hot” like paris hilton or whatever, should get someone new. trust me i understand the need of a fresh perspective and whats its for. but what im tellin you is your wrong. this track dont need a happy feel to it. the vibe is cool and it gives alot of room for flow. theyre beats that are made to sound good as instrumentals alone. alot of those beats dont give you enough room or space to create a song to it. then there are beats that have hit potential on it. which leaves alot of room for flow, so the artist can actually create a song to it. too much on a beat may sound good as an instrumental but sounds cluttered when someone tries to make a song out of it. so you go ahead and think your the “illest wun” but the fact remains, you needa know your shit.

  21. Actually it seems rather funny that you have to resort to calling me a fag. Is that the best you got? Judging by your post above you cannot even complete a sentence! And saying that I can’t meet you on any level of discussion, I guess I cant because I know how to complete a sentence. Like I said, I have commented on most of their songs because I was one of their supporters since they first came out with having a website dedicated to beats. I know what is a good beat and what is not a good beat. Just because is a good producer does not mean all their beats are of good quality. Slantize actually said himself that he keeps his best beats of this site to use elsewhere. So once again let me say that you have no sense of what is hot in music.

  22. illest wun your a fag, this track is hot. you just like alot of punks i know that love to critique but dont do a damn thing, when is mothafuggas like you gonna quit? like i said you say im kissing their ass because i said this track is hot but still if thats the case you sucking they balls because you still on almost everyone of their songs commenting.. then i told you straight up to stop hatin and you aint nobody homie. everybody have an opinion. just because you have one as well dont mean you know what your talkin about. “respect the player ballin” you know about that? the fact is you dont know me, realize that. you couldnt meet me on any leval of discussion, debate whatever, you couldnt. im a extremely deep person, with a tremendous amount of insight. i aint one of them fake ass punks, pretty wannabe ballers. please fool, i would like to know what is it that you do, because its real easy to hate… real easy. this track is hot and your confused.

  23. i made a song to this beat, its pretty tight beat if any yall wanna check out the song its

    @nwr, very nice one!!! do u still have the beat? can you just send it to me plz ( thank you

  24. nope that comment was simply directed to a person of your intellect. I could have a logical discussion, or I can cuss someone out depending on how they choose to address me. So once again I will emphasize that you have poor taste in good music.

  25. dawg your a fool. talkin bout im uneducated then you come off with another stupid comment. “your name spelt backwards is kised, which is appropriate because you will kiss any producers ass .” i swear you put your own foot in your own ass.. seriously homie, get real.

  26. Desik you are misinformed. I had made a comment on most beats because I have been on the site since it started. And I dont know you but i can tell by you are post and writing style that you are a uneducated untalented throwaway rapper. I actually know what I am talking about, and I have been responsible in helping prodcuers choose their hottest selections for a while now. And let me finish by saying your name spelt backwards is kised, which is appropriate because you will kiss any producers ass in the hopes of a chance to launch your rap career which will never happen because you cannot tell what a hot song/track is.

  27. lol

  28. nah homie, first you dont even know me so dont ever come off like that. you obviously dont know what your talkin about cuz this beat is sick. the melody needs to be added by an ARTIST to complete the feel for it, but i doubt youd know anything bout that. last thing you said im on shadowvilles dick but then you have comments on almost every one of their tracks, haha.. i think someone is in denial. actin like some wannabe simon cowell “i know when something is hot” HAHAHa jackass.

  29. haha dude you can get of shadowvilles dick, im helpin my chigga slantize out cuz i know when sumthin is hot

  30. ANd to Illest WUn what this beat is missing is vocals, the beat is made perfect and it gives mad room for flow, know your shit homie.

  31. wuss craccin slantize? dawg yall really have stepped your game up, this beat is SICK! for reals im feelin that track ADP made as well “I Had Enough” much props, keep it up.

  32. nah cuz i mean keep the melody just add another instrument, sorta how u had it in ‘the radio single’ This beat is nice its just missin sumthin….That beat “the radio single” was so hot cuz u had alot of instruments and everything went together perfectly.

  33. yo slant very nice homies keep doin ya thang homies this beat is off the chain yo

  34. stop jackin’ my beats! oh wait, i jack you’re beats my bad… I love this beat!

  35. then wouldnt that be unoriginal?

  36. slant this is sorta relaxin , my beef wid this beat is while it kinda got the club feel, it sounds a bit sad, maybe the melody….you should add a cheerful instrument (flute maybe) to reinforce the club feel


  37. ahaha i loved it…makes me wanna sex up a babe…….specifically jessica alba……….or even………….um…………………..them got ass models haha

  38. Wow! This has to be most commercial beat on the site!

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