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No More Us

Apr 16 2008 | BPM: 125 | Producer: Slantize
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27 Feedback

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Soft and slow, Timbaland style beat suitable for singing and rapping double-tempo speed. Strings, synth trumpets, and gated leads.

Moods: Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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27 Feedback to “No More Us”

  1. Thanks for the post

  2. - Neurontine

  3. god damn!! this beat is fuckin dope ..



  4. god damn!! this beat is fuckin dope ..

  5. I Am A puertorican This Beat Is INcreibel plese dawload to my msn is for much information\

  6. nice…:)

  7. Just to let you know J-Roy Slant doesent have a TEAM? he does his muzic by himself u just gotta love what u do Dog.

  8. no way i was goina buy this….FUCK THAT. FUCK YOU!! FUCK

  9. Well, after just listening to a bunch of Timbaland songs and wanting a Timbaland style beat, I can see where you were going, but your synths and other electronic instruments just sound…cheaper? They don’t have the same echoey effect.

  10. nice beats (H).!!


  12. this is fiyah, major props to you!! ur a beast!!

  13. dawg i LOVE this beat

  14. HAHA illest wun… you a jackass but i agree, im diggin this one.

  15. dis be ma 1st reply but dis iz hot…like d synth bt it reminds me of ‘MY LOVE’ by JT bt still dis is mean! keep it up.

  16. This beat has “HIT” written everywhere on it!

    Love the layers in the start, building it up to the sick synths/leads at 30 secs.
    And esp. the deeplayer, which reminds me of munks chanting. :)

    The synth trumpets are sick, too. And the gated leads (?) going solo starting the 2nd verse.

    This is pure Shadowville quality here!! Simply love it! How can you not?

  17. yo slant luvn dis beat man, ur d man on dis site…

  18. Damn, this beat is amazing yo!! What more can I say? Pure hotness! Great work like allways Slant!!

  19. this one is incredible

  20. Its pretty good.
    Too bad that dude Desik dosent know whats hot
    Someone should tell 13 year old stans living in their parents basements that a shadowville beat aint gonna help them out.

  21. this is shit!!

  22. holy shit . . . .

  23. RESpEKt son….

  24. Shop this one hard!

    You got somethin here!…..hope you have a good team behind you pushin this one

    real heavyweight sound with this


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