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Ride Out

Jun 16 2008 | BPM: 87.5 | Producer: 2Deep
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24 Feedback

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Feel good, positive vibe music with bells, strings, and flute.

Genres: Underground

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24 Feedback to “Ride Out”

  1. over the counter testosterone

  2. Props! from Houston,Tx homie!! keep up the work.

  3. 2deeps probably my favorite producer on this site man!..2 ill man!..

  4. Already used this beat. It’s so ill. Check out the finished product if you’d like.

    2deep for the win!

  5. yo.. this shyt is most def dope

  6. freestylez fa sho!

    dude on dat sheeit real so, i love yo stylez!

  7. way too good.

  8. dis is fukkin harrrrdd

    i beg 1 of u man send me this beat tho it wont let me download it


  9. mad rrespect for the producer….feelin this heat man….keep it up keep givin us writers a reason to write..

  10. sickest freestyle beat, i was just freestylin on it and its perfect for that….it reminds me of that old hala-x beat - ‘fresh’

  11. very good sample duuuudeee thnx for this one

  12. i love it ^^ propz out man

  13. this makes me hungrey

  14. damn, I love it… I really wanna write a song to this, but it ain’t really my style so it’s gonna be hard

    Really nice beat man!

  15. good shit

  16. niice it

  17. good work

  18. oo badass man, like always.

  19. ouch ..damn good …keep the good work

  20. it reminds me a bit of
    notorious big - playa hater
    anyway - good work..

  21. 2deep RESPECT

  22. Good shit 2Deep! I’m digging your style man, it’s what I’ve been looking for…

  23. I’m definitely feeling the vibes in this one, great beat.

  24. that shits dope when it drops but the chopped melody in the start isn’t really crackin… pretty good beat though

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