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Jun 21 2008 | BPM: 91 | Producer: 2Deep, Slantize
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20 Feedback

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Dark piano, bell, and violin melody composed by Slantize. Arrangement, bassline, and underground drums by 2Deep.

Moods: Dark

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20 Feedback to “Homicidal”

  1. perfecto

  2. LOve this BEAT!!!

  3. Hamma wo kann man den downloaden kontakttier mich mal bitte

  4. nice this beat is dope
    can someone send it to me please

  5. this beat is hard i m gonna use it for sure fam

  6. mnie tez :)

  7. nO mnie się podobaa ♥

  8. good work …..:)

  9. damn this beat go hard

  10. awsome music

  11. Man , your are one#1 Bravo Man

  12. could i get your real names….. im out in africa and eager to show you gentlemen wut ive got… these are the beats i \d like to base my career on

  13. I have used this beat. Check it out.

  14. Boss Beat Dawg

  15. this beats soo underrated.

  16. thats a banger plus,

  17. Sick!! =D

  18. u got dope hits homie, keep it up. 100% ez”

  19. yeah i like it to! your beats are great!

  20. I like this beat! Keep them coming.

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