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Anthem Of A King

Jul 09 2008 | BPM: 70 | Producer: Slantize
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58 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Epic and motivational dirty south beat. Brass, electric guitars, organs, strings, and synths to make a surefire hit.

Genres: Dirty South

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58 Feedback to “Anthem Of A King”

  1. pink eye over the counter medicine

  2. Hello Slantize. Your beat is very, very, very good. Extra. :D I use it in my song?

  3. This is great but why can’t I download it?

  4. hey Slant
    took me a while but i finally got some guys together and made a song with your beat. It’s one of the best beats I’ve ever heard! Let me know what you think!

  5. this beats a classic. i remember first time i heard this when it came out a couple years back.

  6. ———– > من کارای شما رو خیلی دوست دارم

  7. i wanna dowload

  8. I did a dope track to this like almost 3 years ago

  9. that beat is the shit, 4 real…………

  10. badass beat bro, can u send to my e-mail?? id appreciate it

  11. good

  12. can somebudy send me this beat please:

  13. waiting quietly…

  14. XO $o GoOd .! liKE !t


  15. This beat will someday make it big somewhere

  16. this shit is on fire yo i wanna write sum shit to this beat

  17. Yeeeee….the cool instrumental!

  18. How can i get this beat? i love this, so great and beautiful. peace!

  19. slantize is the best

  20. A albanian have this song am albanian for life


  21. taco and the mofos absolutely ran this beat, i got my HAta Mask on

  22. this is a hard HITTER TEXAS STYLE!!!! good job dude


  24. sorry dude,but i bought this one

  25. is this beat gonna be available for download soon its a sick as beat and i wanna use it

  26. this is insannnnne..some superman shit

  27. this beat had me moving the whole time

  28. badass brudda

  29. bomb ass beat yo…damn really inspirational…pumps u up

  30. Damn dude

  31. Dayum, I agree wit ALL these comments. I jus finished writing lyrics to this song , some hero type sh*t, naw’m sayin mayn, Imma rec’ on this beat aight. I’ll be sure to mention …Beat produced by SLANTIZE The greatest producer on SHADOWVILLE.COM

  32. yea sick slantize is the illest

  33. killa anthem


    SICK BEAT!!!!!
    made for such a good song

  35. if this beat was a bitch i’d marry her

  36. fiyyyaaa

  37. Nice!

  38. my brother did a song to this on myspace its check it out he went hamm on dat shit real spit he did u well as u did him ya dig

  39. i want this beat

  40. nice beats

  41. damb this beat sounds pretty cool homes keep it goin

  42. Oh man I haven’t been around in a minute.. I just heard this beat on your Myspace slant.. All I can say is WOW! This beat is pure FIRE.. Great work man. The melody is fucking amazing and the part at the end is nuts.. i think it starts around 3:15-3:20 into the song.. man this shit is HOT!!

  43. slantize..let me tell you im goina be doin some shit with ur music in the future dog

  44. This should be #1 in the top ten

  45. This beat is fire, this beat really a king beat, a little techno feeling and strong inspirational feeling. i love it

  46. haha illest, like No Matter What right? any way this beat is hella tight already workin on a song b4 kobra was born =Þ

  47. its over, all time best joint i think i might have to come out of pocket for this junt myself.

  48. Slantize are you on ‘Paper Trail’ ? lol

  49. man you get this mighty feeling when you listen to this hot beat !
    good work!!!!!!!!

  50. 5/5 !

    i love it !

  51. I likes it

  52. WOOOOOW!!! This beat is FIRE!!!

  53. str8 inspirational…feeling it hard. shot n keep it up. peace

  54. Yeah, I already started workin on a song before this was put on shadowville, haha….

    my beat! called it!


  55. omfg u killed it on this beat

  56. this is HOTTT

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