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Jul 18 2008 | BPM: 79 | Producer: ADP
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14 Feedback

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Slow and knockin drums with steady synth bass to create a feel good but gangsta mood.

Moods: Happy
Genres: Club, Pop

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14 Feedback to “Unstoppable”

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  5. Da Shit Is HIGHHH…That Make Me Feel Like i Wanna Diss Some Stupid Gangsta Who Think They Ma’Fucking 2pac!!

  6. shit…::(:(:(

  7. sick beat, should get more rating dont u think????

  8. batman? wat’re u smokin?

    it reminds me of a fuckin 80’s science fiction movie! :D

  9. these people sayin good yet the beat was at 3.5 till i made it a 4!!! HA! lol………….but yea i like this beat a lot sorta reminds me of batman lol

  10. yo this sounds hot !! good beat ADP

  11. yeah.. Good beat’s..

  12. Dude. Gotta write to this. Beat is amazing.

  13. Looks like i’m off to work…YEEE!!!!!!!!

  14. Great ADP beat , love the gangsta mood!

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