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Dream Chaser

Jul 19 2008 | BPM: 112 | Producer: Slantize
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38 Feedback

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Very hot, uptempo club beat with techno sounds for sexy singing and rapping.

Genres: Club, Pop

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38 Feedback to “Dream Chaser”

  1. -
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  2. i want this song on my ipod. I start to cry…..memememee.
    it is amazing song.


    whole song came naturally with this beat. love it

  4. sup…i´m a slovak rnb singer….i and my bro want to creat a club song ….but we need beat like this…or this…are u already had this beat??pls writeback…thank u


    nah I think he got the beat..look at him

    @Askar, men bu saytdan minus goturmek istiyirem nece goturum ay qa

    @vuqar, what?..emne devatkanyngdy tushunboim..anglische je oruscha govory

  6. man i really wish u’d make another beat like this, strong club energy but with an emotional feel to it, i wish i hadnt missed this beat its f-ing tight!!

  7. Rest İn Peace 2PAC

  8. so sick this beats

  9. çok güzel bi club beat

  10. I LOVE This

  11. You Can Make Freebeats On

  12. Sexy =D …


    ‘kill you tonight’

    i think they’re the ones that bought this beat

  14. Muy Buenaa La Pistaa SoOy D Venezuelaa

    yo Cantoo Rap y R/B

    me podriaas enviar esa Pistaa a mi email


    Ke Me Gustaa MuchoO


  15. hey slatize can u make me some beets?im a litle poor,but i know how to sing…i live you my email if u whant to talk to me….cya…and you have good beats

  16. hello i was wondering if u could sell me that beat i sing n i had the perfect song 4 that beat email me at if ur intrested in selling it again ill give u 200$ 4 it no bull shit i need the beat asap!!! matter fact call at 585-323-9952 ask 4 j-den aighttt hit me up!!! if u want bye!!!

  17. dude this beat is so sick!!!
    it would be really nice if someone can mail this beat to me

  18. This beat is Sick, you got skill Slant.

  19. Hey cuz can you give me a Holla….I need a favor real bad…my email is….it’s bout some beats and you’ll be regconized for your work……Holla

  20. i Would Love To Make THe Crowd Raw With That beat … Its A Surefire Hit ^^

  21. i really liked this beat… i even wrote some lyrics to it just for fun =).. keep it up thoo, i like ya stylee

  22. All DDR players please stand in line to dance…. … With arrows. NOW! I’m a BIG fan of techno and this sounded really really nice… 1298362934862895 out of 5. But yeah. Good work Slant.

  23. Ayo Bruv Man.

    How Do You Do It? How Do You Get Shit Like This Together?

    Have You Been Putting It Out, Other Than To This Website?

  24. I dont mean it in a bad way. Slow down Nas’s acapellas a bit and it would remix nicely on this beat.

  25. böle beat’e..:D nese :D ii olmuss :D türkçe’ anlıon mu bilmiom ama verryy good işi olMuss :D:D

  26. this is pritty good. Make some UK BEATS too you be wikked at em

  27. 5/5 I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. This hook is HOOTTT bro!!

  29. this is of da hizzle man u got too keep makin beats like this man just keep makin them there so sick
    check out da tune i did

  30. good beat my man

  31. omg sex making beat! haha this is so fucking hot

  32. great sounds…chorus is hot

    good job slant

  33. i love it !

  34. Sounds like hero? You’re kidding me. That beat is horrendous.

  35. Very inspiring type beat! Excellent work again!

  36. sounds like ‘hero’ by nas and polow da don

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