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Jul 31 2008 | BPM: 115 | Producer: Slantize
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19 Feedback

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Fast paced club with catchy synth beep and whistle melodies. String pad on the hook.

Moods: Dark, Frantic, Silly
Genres: Club, Pop

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19 Feedback to “Hazardous”

  1. - Priligy

  2. good good good

  3. this is just plain sick FIRE 10000/5

  4. Damn o my God gracious outrageous shit……U ARE GREAT

  5. Another DotDotCurve song. BoysPopTheBottlesGirlsPopTheirAsses

    Your a beat machine dude.

  6. nice

  7. are u selln this beat

  8. r u selling this beat mane cuz i like


  10. hey use esa pista con unos amigos q tambien cantan nada para dejarte saber que tambien paute la pagina pero pa saber si tambien te tengo que pautar la pista esta super buena me encanto y tuve que cortar la pista porque esta muy larga pero sigue estando buena para que escuches la cancion esta en mi myspace/xevernowy espero que no halla molestia alguna si hay algun problema me deja saber para hacer los arreglos que sean necesarios y gracias por su tiempo

  11. that was tight.

  12. damn this beat almost seems too speed up the whole time your listening.. this beat is sick though dlant… no doubt your one of the most original producers out there

  13. sorry the first one was spelt wrong
    your still da best shadowville

  14. all i can say is wo wow wow wow wow wow and wow you are the best beat maker ever you see these beats is what appeal to the crowd which will make most money and there so great too youre beat are too sick check my music at i wish too be as good as you one day

  15. well thats y there’s more than one producer on SVP, if u don’t like what one of em are doing at the moment check on someone else. I know sometimes i get a feeling of doing certain tracks, its all based on ones mood

  16. man Slantize..I love you as a producer but your shit’s getting real stagnant man..make something that’s not a club beat my guy!

    keep a balance.

  17. i say this shoulda went up as a contest beat, see if anyone could rip this into a real radio wonder

  18. Very nice beat

  19. Great beat Slantize!

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