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Reflections Of A Soul

Aug 11 2008 | BPM: 63 | Producer: Slantize
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95 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Slow and sad piano with deep bassline. Bells and light violins throughout the verses leading up to a powerful, electric guitar chorus which can be either uplifting or bittersweet.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad

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95 Feedback to “Reflections Of A Soul”

  1. sag while I Brag on a track I dig chicks
    keep Jigs on Big hips Drag her back to this Gig Practice
    Bag of crack and a big hit,
    I act as If I have met my match,… nice and fancy A classy night Feisty little fiasco beauty does her duty


  3. please send me this beat i wanna make a rap sound about the life its perfect thanks.. :)

  4. aa


    Sounds like the same beat

  6. Unavilable…, I want this beat!! ;(

  7. very awesome beat. i downloaded it over 2 years ago and just now finally wrote to it. every time i tried i couldn’t come up with anything fresh but inspiration finally struck. shame its unavailable now. epic beat though.

    @bloodreddevil, hey bro…..
    please send this beat to me..
    i will be very grateful to u ,
    i am a great fan of slantize nand i love this beat..
    please send this beat to

  8. yeah me too…send it to me i will make a rap about bible… this beat is awesome im a member of singles for christ…. thanks a lot


    hahaha.its the rum

  10. I aint gona tell you this shit is fucking amazing… cuzz i dont have to. im juz upset i didnt get a chance to record something to this….im not surprised its not available…i just hope who ever got it did what they were suppossed to do .

  11. OMG!! Please please please send me this beat Slantize. I just wanna listen to it in my car. You’re amazing!!!


  13. Best beat Love it

  14. 能发到我 邮箱里么,QQ 邮箱, 我是中国人

    @ni4wolaopo, zhe ge qu yi jing mai zou le, ke shi wo you hen duo bie de hao qu zi

  15. Slantize always goes above and beyond in all of his creations!

  16. wau i m from croatia and i dont know what to say about this beat..I think you slantize and admack are the best beatsmaker ever.this beat reflections of soul is excellent but on my sadness it is make me cry and stop breathing….more and more.hy

  17. oa`oa`oa`oa` i really need this song can some one send it to me please i really love it T_T

  18. wow i want to download this man where is it

  19. so are you posed to spit double time on this beat?

  20. i want to download it too the only way i think is to find someone who downloaded the mp3 version of it before it was bought they might send u it

  21. how ı download this beat?? help me pleasee

  22. 我真的很喜欢 , 虽然你看不懂, 呵呵 假如你能看懂 麻烦你发我 邮箱里, 谢谢了, 这是QQ 邮箱

    @ni4wolaopo, wo kang de dong. yao shi zhe ge qu shi ‘unavailable’, na jiu bu neng na dao le

  23. very nice ganda

  24. mann u got to let me use this beat son
    one of the best beats ever heard

  25. ssende keman güzel .D

  26. oo yes :D

  27. this is my beat

  28. Sounds like Rammstein - Mutter =)

  29. Were can I download this song?

  30. Wow, a masterpiece. I don’t have words to describe it…

  31. this is simply awesome !

  32. A greetings to everyone supporting the music culture

  33. Un saludos a todos apoyando a la cultura musical

  34. good work ..! (y)

  35. This Baet is Soo Good

    I love This Beat , This Beat make me Creazy it soo Perfect ..

    and its soo Chiilll

  36. Hey Am Ali From Egypt Plz i wanna contact u … thx ..

  37. yo this shxt is hot crazyy live i lik i you do tha best beats evaaa serious i need to tlk to you umm here ma aim or msn
    aim flow babyj19doose


  38. yeah its my style ….

  39. Maan slantize there aint no words to explain how beautiful this beat really is….its sounds g’d up but at the same time it sounds like somethin that you can write sumthin personal real talk expression… I love it.. great Job slantize..
    keep bringin that dope,real beats for the real that remain in this playahatin world…

  40. Very good man.

  41. wow…this is just fukn awesome! 6/5 def kno more beats n masterpieces are still to come from u.ur da man!

  42. Nice Beat 5/5

  43. damn just heard this for the first time wtf! soo sick 5/5

  44. Peace and Blessings I really enjoy the profound sound I am currently working on my 2 2nd Gospel Poetry album. I would love to use this cool sound on my album, when and where can I buy this, Great work, Keep the faith and Be encouraged. Peace!

  45. very good i am turkish you need listen SAGOPA KAJMER

  46. the best beat ever…it would make a great love song….i love this,listening to it every day ;)) THE BEST!!!

  47. bn bnesta una chimba esa pista ya la escuche en tema lastima q no la pueda bajar att m-c fenix

  48. sick sad beat mean why don’t you set it on available i want to make a song on this beat

    really naisse beat really i love it

  49. slantinize bize geL xD

  50. çok manyak bi beat perfect

  51. cause someone already bought the rights to this song

  52. some body tell me why it is unavailable ?
    shoud we buy it !?
    how ?

  53. why slantize WHY couldnt this beat be advalible i would wrote some shit that would make grown men cry ha is all good though keep it real slantz

  54. This beat is amazing Slantize! Wow! I’m sorry its taken. :-( I would have done a great love song to it! You need more like this for people like me.

  55. I want this beat sooooooo bad, could you make it available lol

  56. Omg :’s
    Awesome beat, but i may think, i know a artist, hwo has “stolen” this beat, and publiced a track with the beat.. :s

  57. Good

  58. its not for sale anymore, i would of ripped it =\

  59. The piano melody is a sample from the ReFX Nexus 2.0 Piano Expansion mp3 demo.

  60. Perfect Beat Really Sad… I Like That

  61. very nice :)

  62. this shit tite when i blow up he can be my ersonal producer

  63. fuck dat shit sounds coo homes

  64. u make some badass beats

  65. ur the man all of ur beats are cool man can u please add me i wana contact u

  66. well done, the guitar reminds me of topgun.. didnt expect that sound to come in play but i accept this beat kuz anything u make with piano is fire.

  67. yea I love this drums and clap… better than the east coast… perfect as can be!

  68. Very nice bro !.. Keep it up !

  69. I really like this beat…

  70. I’m writing to it at this moment!

  71. this shit is nice man, you got some nice stuff.. keep it up homie..

  72. HHHHHHHOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!! cuz hella hot love this shit right here on my top three…

  73. I already started writing to this. This is beautiful! When I am done I would like for you to hear it. You can check out my myspace page @ http://www.myspace/crystalrae11

  74. damn that beat is freaking good! One of the best beat ever made

  75. This beat is dope like…marijuana! haha no lie!

    Keep it up :)

  76. hymn not psalm my bads

  77. i can flip that psaml “How Great Thou Art” off of this. mmmm just might do so

  78. 100% Fire! Real Talk!


  80. how is this beat not rated higher?

    it’s a fucking masterpiece.


  81. love it! More piano beats please

  82. this is the type of slantize beat that i love

  83. I like it

  84. Perfect
    check out my tune to IT

  85. sweet ass beat man

  86. Excellent work by the one and only Slantize!

  87. Emotional melody! Excellent work by the one and only Slantize!

  88. one of the most amazing beats i ever heard

    big up hommie get @ me 1

  89. this is a dope as beat.. propz..

    imma buy it and use it in an album..

    i can do that right???

  90. This beat makes me cry =). lol

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