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ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 90.5 | Producer: 2Deep
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13 Feedback

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Eerie and somewhat discordant flute and guitars with some grimey drums.

Moods: Dark
Genres: Underground

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13 Feedback to “Dusk”

  1. dont change up anything ur beats are straight raw nothing comercial about them straight hood we need more producers like you

  2. nice beat man!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. slantize is best

  4. nice beat man, 4/5

  5. 2 Deep good fuckin job.

  6. Man i dont give a F*** what anyone says i’ll tare this track up into pieces so infinitesimally small, even CSI couldn’t crack the case…have so many heads bobbin’ kids’ll neck surgery an shit…. -Get Some…….

    ….Northwest Kills Shit……

    just a life style.

  7. Yeah I understand where you’re coming from bro..I just wanted to suggest it cuz I mean I love your beats for the most always have some unique sounds and instruments thrown on the beat but it’s just the same drum pattern=the same flow on every you could really only use about 1 or 2 of your beats on an actual CD or mixtape unless you want each track to sound stagnant..

    idk man I mean it’s your shit, but I think it’d be cool if you switch up the drum patterns on your beats..cuz in rap especially that’s what drives how the bars are delivered.

    just a thought.

  8. I dont know what these goof ssaying… this beat is unique and quality….. i want ot write a rap to it.

  9. Thanks man, appreciate it, but to the other thing, i do the music i have passion for… I dont want to make other kind of beats, if i were to do that id be doing somthing i dont want to do anymore, and in that case i may aswell jus go get me a 9/5, since its somthing i dont want to do either, lol… make sense?
    I make different things from time to time to try it out, but i keep them unreleased because its not really me. And this is how my beats sound, this is how the drum pattern goes for this direction, all the drums on south beats sound the same to me, but i dont question it, thats just the way it is ;) hope it clears things up, but thanks again for the comment! :)

  10. 2deep you’re a good fucking producer but c’mon man..why do you use the same fucking drum pattern on every damn beat? just so you can sound underground? all your shit sounds exactly the same bro..the same flow on every single beat.

    Switch up your drums bro.

  11. …this beat wasn’t really great, too much going on

  12. love this beat…. u are my favorite beat maker on here…

  13. …nasty

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