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Drops Of Ink

Aug 23 2008 | BPM: 92 | Producer: 2Deep
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11 Feedback

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Dark and gangsta piano beat with ominous effects on the chorus over steady underground drums.

Moods: Dark

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11 Feedback to “Drops Of Ink”

  1. W.H.O. real,.. they’ll pull your card. Frozen toes from the start icebergs on your yard. Ghosts fill your funeral. Roman numeral uno You got to Try to hustle the shuffle of these bodies in bags from cards they pull. Pull it together the Hood struck Gold Good luck I’m told to tell ya to get fucked and fuck you too I’m too dope your too old. my Lyrics so cold body sold separate o you hotties get the old pearl necklace. I Dedicate decadence I decorate with my dicks best sense like what’s spent gets best meant test to tear her out of mint condition permanently dent the suspension my intention an indention with a mint dent of my name in tint New feel touch you up With no struggle at all. life’s my wheel

  2. A.P.O Turkey!

  3. Check out my Studio Session if ya like ‘Kama - Take A Look In My Mind’

  4. See dawg I love your beats, you know, theres some artists beats in here that I don’t even feel like checking out, cuz, it’s hard to explain, but I have a fucked up view on life, according to most people, you kno, I love it all dramatic and depressive, that’s why I ALWAYS check out your beats, cause I am guaranteed they fit to your name, anyway, keep them coming with more sad/dark beats, I personally prefer sad . Anyways it’s just like you look straight into my mind man, I can ALWAYS spit on your beats .
    Keep them coming,. Loads of love from here

  5. ok man..I’ll keep checkin’ on you..;)you got a lot of beats that fits my rap style..I mean usually I’m in that mood..can I send you what I’ve done ’till now??I’m only 17 though and I cannot by any beats yet..But I use those beats for myself only..thats a way to become better..See I live in greece and things here are difficult for hip hop..:(
    Trigger Shot

  6. haha, no problem bro! Wasnt offensive at all, i understand what you mean, and yea, most people dont look at it from the point of view that i gave… thats why there are sooo many WACK producers out here, caus they try to do EVERYTHING at once…. which dont work.
    And i do some different things from time to time… but i keep it unreleased caus i feel its not quiet good enough yet, maybe some time in the future ;)
    But thanks man! appreciate the respect!

  7. ok man..see it’s your answer that deserves a lot of respect..You’re the best for me man..I wasn’t talkin about me though..See I hit up all the producers in here..and I know you got something different..something that makes us love all that shit you do..and I just said that I wanted to see you do something else..cause you can bee simply the best..but ok man now I know what you’re talkin about..and that answer made me respect you even more..and I apologize if I was offensive..I just told ya my thoughts…anyway man keep up the good job..;)love ya!!

  8. Nah, its cool bro, i understand you, but im not the only producer out here…. i dont go into different styles, because i want to be the best at what i do… If you need different drums, then you go to a different producer for that change, its that simple (for example: im lookin for crunk…. where do I go? ADP…. caus i kno hes one of the best at that here)… i used to spit.. but i never hit up the same producer all the time, when i needed somthing else, i would go to a different producer with a different style, but when i got in that mood for that certain beat, i hit up the one that produced in that style, because i knew he was best at what he does, because thats his main direction… see what im sayin? Im not saying its wrong to produce in many different directions, but i am saying that if you focus one way, you will become the best at what you do, and you build a crowd that wants to hear more of it. Thats just my experience…
    Thanks for the comment, and respects! That was good convo :) haha,
    Take it ez bro

  9. yo Deep listen man..I want you to know that you’re one of the best in here..matter of fact I love the keys to this song..anyway dawg you gotta change the drums man..all of your song got the same..what the fuck??I know you want to keep up doing what you want..that you put yourself in those beats..but come on man..if you change the drum pattern a lil’ bit this doesn’t mean that you’ll do something else..I mean imagine you’re a lyricist..what would you do??write the same motherfuckin’ lyrics all the time??think about it man..You know I respect you and I’m not a hater…peace out ya!!

  10. Love the keys sample, drums still grimey as ever. 4/5.

  11. I wish I could give it 4.5..cuz it’s not a 5 but it’s def way better than a 4..

    oh well. tiight shit man.

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