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Like Damn

Sep 10 2008 | BPM: 88 | Producer: Slantize
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38 Feedback

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Uptempo Spanish dembow drums with highly melodic violins and synths.

Moods: Inspiring
Genres: Reggaeton

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38 Feedback to “Like Damn”

  1. za6to nemoga da svala bitaa ????

  2. good beat me encantaria trabajar con el. y contigo contact me if yu interested

  3. Plz i need this can i download it..i need help..hit me back on

  4. :D

  5. i want to download thiiiiiiiiiis……Please help! <3

  6. i want to download this

  7. s

  8. pleaSee tell mee howw can i Download ThiSs BeaTT

  9. NiCee BeaT BuTt Wee Can’T Download itt..:S:S:S

    @reebelsontdg, # THAT’s The biggest problem I ever had >.<

  10. Like damn, this tight 10/10
    you need to be making more reggaeton beats, these are nice

  11. perfectt goodd beatt very well

    @mc saleeh, how much that bead’s corst

  12. perfecT :)

  13. :D

  14. This beat is fire! Fuegoooo! Update with some more Reggaetón beats like this one.

  15. yea homie you got to make more reggaeton beats this is fire


  16. thst’s my shit baby::!!

  17. :)

  18. this is fucking hoot!! great work i love all ur beats brother keep it up man!

  19. Good song, mind if I use it?

  20. man cool it s good … :D! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KomedyeN new tracK!-Fixed Time

  21. This beat is the bom of my carriere. make more Reggaeton Beat’s

    peace Mc-Ro

  22. Sounds like someones banging on a drum machine lmao Its still good though just makes me think of something a lil kid would make but with a good melody haha it makes me laugh man that beat aint serious to me your still better then the other producers on here though

  23. deym man you tore this up this beat is hot!



  25. HEY the poet! whats up man! i heard your song coke bottle its pretty douph! i also used that beat (Like Damn) and made a sample song with it for my self! Good BEAT HA?! lol HIT ME BACK Bro!

  26. hey man check out what ive done with this beat so far!!!….

  27. i think u have to do more reggaeton beats

  28. i love this beat, but i hate the dembow drums.

  29. this beat is good

    Im from P.R. lol my whole life i deam about a dark underground melodies from here
    with a good dembow.

    this just gets closer and closer by the day lol

    Clearly it will make a vicious beat :D

  30. u actuallly made this ?? daammm this actually came from you? thats crazyy if it wouldnt of say slantize i would of thought some reggaeton producer made it ..

    5/5 !!!!

  31. bout time this dropped haha. loved what you did with verse san

  32. This is greatly composed. I dont know why, but I just love reggaeton melodies. 4.6/5.

  33. Nice one Slantize. I can picture this beat playing at a club.

  34. when illest wun says it is fire then it is fire.And this is FIRE!!!

  35. sssssssexxxxxxxxxxxxy beat

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