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Path To Greatness

Sep 19 2008 | BPM: 84 | Producer: Slantize
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188 Feedback

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A deep, emotional piano melody with an epic, string and electric guitar chorus.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring, Sad

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188 Feedback to “Path To Greatness”

  1. Beware Enter if you dare to tempt a pimp with a scare crooked looks i meant to care to Temper a tamper a tantrum of laughter after her purr that lantern lit with her with care I’m right after that stare
    The stars you wear I swear

  2. Caddle barren horse thieving of a go go gurl stable E hearding Pus$y rancher I go in search further for a dancer. Water the flowers funerals for all her doubters. Rounds were bout outers
    Of bounds

  3. Caddle barren horse thieving go go hearding Pus$y rancher I go in search further for a dancer

  4. Eyeball a doll I brought a ball y’all can call trip good for a fall get

  5. She went to blame me Mentioning her name… down came a come up to fame
    A lane change to the stars that remain…Picture her frame, imagine the shape she’s in…

  6. Successively sexy she takes the cake ecstasy makes the recipe great

  7. what a beat !


    Greetings from Poland

  9. ilove beat alourando.pershian rap…mahdOOd051

  10. yo man this is the best shit i ever heard can i please have a download link for this

  11. download yok nasıl indirebilirim acaba ?

  12. Nasıl indire bilirim bilen var mı?

  13. Super

  14. nice

  15. I had it! but my hard disk broked ! if someone could send it to me, would be cool!

  16. süper



  19. tHe Wahssss…..

  20. Amazing.. :O 5*
    nice work (Y)

  21. Gerçekten güzel beat :)

  22. çok güzel bir beat .
    ellerinize sağlık (:

  23. canfezanın beat bu karanlık

  24. Güzel beat

  25. cok gereksiz bi beat almış o zaman şanışer… ben 1 saatte yaparım bunu efekt yok bişey…


  27. this is the best beat i ever heard. very good shit bro

  28. zordu ela beyendim,

  29. is any have ths beat

  30. and before the change i thought its a nice beat…. :D

  31. indirilmiyo beat

  32. ya bu beate sahip olan bana yollaya bilir mı acaba bi iletısıme gecebilir mıyız….

  33. Unavailable. WTF. then take them all off the site. what the point g.

  34. güzelmiş

  35. cool beats man!

  36. 龍帅到此一游!!!~~~

  37. Thank you

  38. 我是中国的可能你们看不懂,但是还是要谢谢你的RAP

    @longshuai, wo shi mei guo de ke neng ni kan bu dong yin wen, dan shi hai shi yao xie xie ni de PING JIA

    @Slantize, dowloand problem friend :(

  39. Thanks everyone for the love

    @Slantize, Hey bro check my music I use alot of your beats haha, Prob like 90% of my music is your beats haha. http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/WHITETRASH494 Thanks brotha


  41. bunu nerden indiricez ?

    @pitalp06, anan amından :)

    @deca dj, hahaha :D

  42. this beat is amazing. one of my favorites. Slantize is too sick. check out “path to greatness” by Poetic Murder

  43. mtt fixe

  44. ******************** 20 stars for that beat is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!i <3 it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Totally the saddest instrumental I’ve ever heard :) I love it

  46. good

  47. sende çal gitsin :d

  48. my mail is need someone to send it please :D

  49. hey yo man that’s one of the coolest beat i ever heard i really love it :D was thinkin could anyone send it to me :D

  50. AMINA KOYAYIM lan bu şanışerin beat çalmış laaa

  51. wow .. damm hot beat

  52. yow slantize lovin this beat man i did a track on it. its on myspace…holla folks if u in fo a collab

  53. very good :d

  54. can someone send me ? =)
    skype: GezZee
    icq: 365659552
    thx ;)

  55. I want this beat but i can’t download:( pleeeeese send me on my e mail

  56. uvvvvv :D:d

  57. WoW its Grate ,,

  58. Amazing

  59. good djob slantize , this beat is biutiful!
    the frenchy lol!!

  60. owww My GUTTTT

  61. This Beat is so emotion i love it

  62. You are the B.E.S.T. Feel this one, is sooooo deep

  63. Fuckin nice ;) maan i want this beats :)



  65. sickest beat yet to hit my subb!!!
    fucking amazing!

  66. aaaaaaaaa yo la quiero quien me regala una copia

  67. şanışer ft. gezgin. used this beat. everbody listen supper.

  68. man i do play paino bt i c urs is better than me hope we meet..

  69. I wanna f*ck u how u can do this beats u re my man yeah

  70. perfect beat u can’t beat that

  71. send me plz this beat, my skype: tigerstylle.

  72. man cool it s good … :D! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KomedyeN new track Fixed Time

  73. I already did a song 2 this shit, it was dope as fuck! I got 2000 plays in one day, and mainly cuz the beat!

  74. Hayatımın Anlamı. =)

  75. ke tranza karnal pzz aber si me puedes rolar la pista we
    porfav0orr esta chida mi msn es :


  76. nanie 9ja still writing ,nigerians like these beat lets work it out ,add me yahoo messenger or skype nanie_ng you can e mail really WE NEED THESE BEAT feel the heart of african love!!!!!!!

  77. wats up shadowville ,i join late so i think i saw it late, am representing nigeria aka 9ja most talented from america that have been to nigeria know what am talking about.
    i love slantize and am trying to develop my label which i dream to work with slantize and dr dre……i love these beat so much that i make a cool rap with r&b in nigerian/america i wish i can got permission to use the beat. i can send to you if you like to listen.

  78. oralleeeee i like it fuckin nice ;)


  80. plz i wont to dowlod this betas =(

  81. kl likin it i created sumin like dat on keyboard but i cant record

  82. niezłe pozdro ziomek

  83. this beat is crazy man, i love the piano, its the best beat so far, slantize ur wicked man

  84. which programme did you used?

  85. wow dude:O
    you rock!

  86. yo wut up. ill pay you via mail in cash for a beat like this . i dont mess with payin over a computer. im bringin up a new demo . im outta jersey . want to help me out hit me up. youll be credit to the song .

  87. 1000/1000 amazing! especially like the change up in the chorus

  88. Exellent!

  89. Zdravko Colic - Ti si mi u krvi, perfect, I do not have a word,
    Listen this thing is even better sample

  90. toooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood………………………….AWSUM

  91. geeeeil

  92. süper

  93. amk guzeL beat mıs :D

  94. 6/5 :D

  95. grrr someones bought da exclusive!! missed out on a great beat here


  97. nice

  98. Very Nice Beat I like It so Mush

  99. hey wey you sold this beat already?

  100. Düğünlerde iyi gider … xD

  101. i can listen to this beat all day…putz me in da zone forsurez…nice shit slantize…too bad i cant download haha

  102. why the heck cant we download this?????

  103. oh very nice..!

  104. slantize is a motherfuckin genius

  105. taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx

  106. Whats the name of the song that was done on this amazing beat?

  107. nice shyte i can spit bout a lot of real shyte on this track the only thing i dont like is the guitar part but i can still deal wid it but other than that 5/5

  108. çok güzel olmuş başarılar:)

  109. very good work
    why i cant download this its verygooood

  110. whatta fuck, why cant i get it ? :/ reeeally like this one

  111. beat tam oturmus ritimlerle basarılarınn dewamını dilerim ;)


  112. this track is good but its unavailable make more of those beats man i like it

  113. aye yo this beat….mayne is off the chart too hot to be rated ….i would love to do a script on this track is hot yo keep it up mayne

  114. yeah man 6/5 :D


  116. best beat ever!..

  117. yo big up slantize jsais que tu comprends pe-etre pas sque jecrit. mais fuc, you own man.
    can we get that beat ?
    french rap need that kind of beat….too much feeling. peace

    represent jusqua la mort . bra

  118. this is best beat ever! i love it! ;)

  119. kötüfena:D fenalık aha :D afrom çok beğendi

  120. this is incredible! love it..
    gives me adrenaline and the chills..

    Keep up the good work!

  121. It sounds like Bent Fabrisius Bjerre from Denmark, but just a little faster

  122. bravo excellent beat bsahtek

  123. Nice shit. Do you have a new beat like this?

  124. 111111111111

  125. Yo Can Someone send me this beat.. ive write a track out to it for my mixtape.. add me on to send it me please
    thank you ( amazing instrumental )

  126. wOnderfuLL.

  127. Why I can not download this beat? this is the one I must have

  128. espero que o cabrão que comprou a musica morra surdo o crl!!

  129. K-N

    Because the exclusives right to this beat has already been sold :)

  130. i love it. 5 stars

  131. It’s great man !!!

    but why can’t i download this ?

  132. OMG !!!!! no comment

  133. woww!! (y)

  134. im speechless bruv!! serious hit, lovin ur work

  135. thsi beat is off the hook ! cant wait to use it

  136. wow

  137. I am speechless to this song

  138. oruspı oldu artık bu beat :D

    @hiqo, aynen annen gibi :D

  139. piano master.

  140. Too speachless to spit

  141. ight before i lay inta these fake ass bitches, goddamn slantize you a sick producer dogg keep this shit rollin, k just so we all know this is suppose to be so we can all get a feel for rap, RAP ARTIST DONT MAKE FUCKIN SMILEY FACES ON A FUCKIN COMMENT, THATS WHY YALL FAKE ASS BITCHES AND NEED TO KNOCK THIS SHIT OFF!!!!

  142. Good work.

  143. amazing work slant, my favorite beat by far.. extremely inspiring. mad respect

    an easy 10/10

  144. great shit !!!

  145. Dude this is awesome work right here, tempted to do some writing to it, question to Slantize If I do how can I show it to you? For your approval.


  146. man you did excellent work!!!!! you got it in you bro….


  148. This Guy Has A GIFT ! Great work and keep up with the piano in the beats.
    respect the slan the man with the plan in his hands…………….

  149. What is Up Shadow! For a long time I haven’t been here. I saw very popular beats and instrumentals and I think that’s genius.Thank’s shadowville beatmakers( RESPECT HALA-X,2DeeP,SINIMA,ADP,SLANTIZE) I love you Shadow. It’s me from Uzbekistan OUTSIDER HUSTLER. RESPECT………..

  150. Como puedo entrar a los demos, bueno una vez entre y no puedo volver a encontrarlo, don estas bases ya la cantan , bueno espero su ayuda y seguid con esta pagina esta re buena

  151. TIGHT as hell… I wish u coulda changed the drums up a bit… I don’t like that east coast feel but its definately a 6/5

  152. this is what i call a dope beat man damn this shit is hot as hell!
    i thought myself to play it on the keys too ;)

  153. This is the REAL HipHop

  154. Amazing, Fantastic, Great, Perfect, Superb,……………………… :d

  155. how to download?wo can’t……

  156. Amazing beat!!!! this is what hip-hop needs!

  157. Good
    !!!! ^^ !!!!

  158. dude.. this is cool.. could i request if u should make beats wit 4 verses.. its even cool..

  159. wonderful:)

  160. dammnn ,, this beat is freaking great !!
    i luv it :D!

  161. this sample is like a yugoslavian song

  162. sick shit !!

  163. thank you

  164. love it:D

  165. i love this beap! its one of my favorites! 5 star man:D

    @esfer, hhh

  166. i think ill make song why you SHOULD vote for OBAMA on this beat :):)

  167. 5 stars for this one

  168. some sick shit man on this site, shit hot producers bro

  169. I made the rap song about why you shouldn’t vote for Barack Obama with this beat. It’s HOT.

  170. Each member of shadow ville is a very important part of fate and you know that!

  171. 5000000/5000000

  172. * * * * *

  173. does this sample something tho? it sounds mad familiar..

    fucking amazing..5/5

  174. ole, ole and ole!

  175. I heard alotta cool shit, but damn mayne this is somethin’.

  176. this is hot homie, you keep getting better with your piano work bro, growth in every beat, 5million/5million

  177. Damn Hot Yo……………. keep em cmmin

  178. 5 star man *****

  179. AH-MAY-ZING. I LOVE the change up on the hook. This is the Slantize we admire. 50/50.

  180. definite 5

  181. Excellent composition , Excellent work , Excellent Everything!!!

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