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Jun 03 2006 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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37 Feedback

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96 BPM. This is chopping skills at its finest. Ridiculously crazy arrangement of strings.

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37 Feedback to “Fresh”

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  4. GO HERE

  5. wtf its the best but unavailable!!

  6. SO CRAZY !

  7. Man!!!!!
    Phew this beat owns!!!

    5 of f*cking 5 !
    Keep it comming

  8. iLL beat, haha this shit realy is fresh

  9. im swingin from my lines like im workin-trapeze
    and my mouths a circus-that-breeds a circut-of-freeks
    in any battle versin-wit-me? im emergin-with-ease
    il murder beats n leave u rattled for emergency-teams
    n im the sharpest! no flowin-where-the-sharks-swim’
    if you livin in a cage like ‘ya home-is-where-ya-heart-is’
    marchin, bring-on-fights with my fist-cocked-tight
    the last time you threw a punch was when ya drink-got-spiked
    my jaw despenses curse like a born-tourettes
    with more vibrations in the booth than a hornets-nest
    breakin-through-ya-roof when the force-connects
    to leave ya shakin-in-ya-boots when the form-descends
    im more-than-bent fuck-it im an awful-blend of morbid-trends
    cuttin with some raw-success, im hauntin-heads n stalkin-men
    then haulin-them to orkish-dens, goring-flesh n im born-again!!


  10. and imma-star packin-it-out behind-a-bar
    for those who cant imagine the mouth-behind-the-bars
    imma marvel-to-explore n im found-inside-ya-hearts
    where its hardest-to-ignore n ya bounce-to-violent-arts
    in the dark in the light and my songs-cn-move-ya-thoughts
    and i couldnt give a fuck if imma problem-to-the-course
    imma no-hoper most-of-the-time, a dope-smoker,
    thought my motioning-rhymes could make the hardest choke-over
    to the artist. sick-of-ya-lifes hittin-the-grime for ya target
    vision-the-light, missions-to-find it regardless
    grippin-the-mic, spittin-it-right is the hardest


  11. and its all life, musics like the turn-of-a-key,
    i feel my soul fly, wording when i verse-on-a-beat.
    im burnin-through-the-deepest-verbals n im workin-to-be
    worse-than-a-freek turnin-to-the-people, learn-from-the-weak.
    affirmin-through-the-leaders-circle in the furrs-of-a-beast,
    sermons-viewed-as-evil curses with the words-of-a-priest!?

    double wat

  12. now as i walk through the valley in the shadow-of-death
    im commin forth with the ballads never shallow-in-depth
    shadder-the-best, im the torch with flammable-breath
    cometh the dawn, turna cannibal like Hannibal-lect
    mandible-bent im tyrannical, when battles-commence
    hands-l-connect, im mechanical with animal-sense
    i battle-to-the-death, sucka i dont battle-for-less
    i battle-through-respect landin like an anvil


  13. my favorite beat on shadowville… sick shit hala

  14. this beat is amazing.

  15. Cocoras - Flappuh Pakkuh
    I feel the beat

  16. Fuckin official

  17. fine beat yo hala-x is really hackin it up

  18. i spit on this song already it’s a hot track SLICIN’ TRULY AT ITS BEST!

  19. one of halas best with the opera i think

  20. I couldnt spit to this, it aint my style, but you did a great job. 10/10 imo

  21. DAMN HOT!!! the melody is amazing 10/10

  22. this is hot !!!

  23. I used this beat for a joint called “This Is Hip-Hop”. You can get it from my soundclick:

    or my myspace:

  24. this shit is dope

  25. damn over 500 hits on this crazy

  26. i dont know if its just me, or do i hear a bit of dj premier influence on this joint? its fire!

  27. this is a really good beat, perfect for freestyling

  28. My Comments Go on Wax, This would fit nicely HaHa

  29. dope beat brother

  30. Hala-X accept another kiss MU-WAH!!!

    I truly love this track…..

    to me it’s just classic hip-hop

    Can u tell me what is the sample on this one?

  31. This Beat Is Crazy, Love it!!!

  32. Mistrzowski Bit !!! Good Shit Pozdrówki from Poland

  33. Love the blend of drums with the melody…this beats on fire.

  34. “This is chopping skills at its finest”
    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…. Nuthin short of that! An Underground Owner. Perfect for its category.. What can I say? The melody blends in perfectly with the hard-ass drumss
    Lovin it… Not my type of hitmaker though, it fills in its cause.

    Yet Hala-X still has a long-ass way to go to top Noir Et Blanc wit this one. Noir Et Blanc is by far the most perfect beat I heard from X
    this one gets a 9.3/10. For sheer skill.

  35. One of the most insane beats ive ever heard. keep them comming H


  36. Damn it man, This track is gold, Nothing short of perfection. Keep banging this shit out

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