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In The Hustle We Trust

Oct 31 2008 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Slantize
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81 Feedback

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Highly melodic cello, violin, and synth bell beat mixed with some brass and 808 drums.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring, Sad

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81 Feedback to “In The Hustle We Trust”

  1. Viagra

  2. süper

  3. lan albayhanry malmısın amk adamın götünü kaldırıon

  4. good

  5. I would like to say that this beat got in the wrong hands of people who dont deserve to make a song to it.

    Slantize Im only looking out for your own best interest man.
    Seriously i heard other people make a song to this beat and it sounds horrible.

    the reason why i say that is because i produce music myself and i know how rap is losing its originality from the people who make it look bad for example the people who made a song on your beat.

    If you wanna hear real music and real up incomming rappers then let me know because we made a song to this beat and its not no BS.

    Il be hearing from you.

    If you want to hear the song i would be honored to show you slantize.

    @gmetal, Real talk bro! But money is everything for the most of people nowadays(No offense to anyone)

  6. ovv good man :d

  7. ne yazsam az tmm lan :D

  8. hemi lan :D

  9. çok manyak come :D

  10. boşe boşe :d

  11. ere ere:D

  12. vuyyy y :D

  13. :P:P:

  14. lost without you :D olsana lan :D

  15. :D:D

  16. lidersin be beat ehuD

  17. dirty south :D:D:dD::d

  18. :D:D.d:D

  19. bulumaz ……….

  20. bu beat bi daha bulunmaz :)

  21. bu beat bi daha bulunmaz :D

  22. myspacemde kabul etmişsin knki :D

  23. ne yazsam anlamaz bu adam :(

  24. ingilizcede bilmiyozki :D:D fazla

  25. very good slantize :)

  26. :P:P:P:P

  27. :))

  28. yorumlar 100 ü geçmeli :d:d

  29. :D:D:zaaaaaa

  30. söz yazması kolay :D

  31. tam aşk beati valla :D

  32. daha güzellerinide bekleriz .D

  33. benden 100 puan :)

  34. birazda siz yazın da :)

  35. ay yorum yazmaktan bi hal oldum

  36. bu şarkıyla konser bile verdik meşhr olduk :p :D

  37. bu sitede olmasa yandık :d

  38. dıng dong :D

  39. :):)

  40. in the hustle we trust he turist gibi vala

  41. bu beate güzel şarkı yapana valla helal :)

  42. aklıma bişeyde gelmiyo :)

  43. daha ne yazsam ya

  44. yorumm yorumm

  45. melankolik kralı slanti .d

  46. melankolik yap adamım :)

  47. müthişsin valla :)

  48. helal olsun sana be

  49. çok usta beatçisin valla :)

  50. bu müzikle bidaha beat yap la slantize :)

  51. yorumla doldurcam rekorlara gitsin :)

  52. bunu kim beğenmez ya :)

  53. süper nakarat ve beat

  54. inanılmaz derecede güzel ya

  55. fantastic ve etkileyici

  56. güzel

  57. çok manyak

  58. luv da beat we did a track called “The End” to it!! then loved it so much every other artist took the beat and the hook and did there own version you can check em out at

  59. badd ass beat already did ittttt check it out on its called “War culture” 5/5

  60. Tha Best beat on dis site IN MY OPINION. i got a song to dis…. beat is fiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. i love the swag in this beat , yu ve jus made a perfect hook

  62. this is hot im writing a verse for it right now.

  63. very nice

  64. Excellent

  65. Ayo dis is tight ass beats. I love it

  66. güzel :D

  67. I make beats too.Ya becoming me inspiration mayn,aside from Timbaland. check out my beats soundclick/krazy8ball, copy a few melodies if ya mayn. ur sh*t is jus way too awesome too be compared to mine.This and “Anthem of a king” sound so real mayn Imma rap to this one too.PCE mayn.

  68. yo… once again, you guys killes this beat!!!! i’m already in the process of a rap.

  69. nice shyt yo

  70. bro u a beast at making beats…u my favorite producer on this website

  71. sranje nauci se radit muziku

  72. bad ass song

  73. good job

  74. im feelin this right here… of the best ive heard on this site

  75. so cool

  76. You got the best beat on the latest beats list. whewww. that beats hard bra.

  77. ^^ what?? lol

  78. This aint for hiphop and all ..
    i’d like to make a humble request to shadowville team that no doubt they’ve done alot for beats and music and u wont face any trouble while downloadin or gettin registered here , i want more collection of beats
    Thankyou .

  79. Excellent melody composition , this is pure fire!

  80. You out done your self yet again. This beatZ killa, Im really feelin it.Im writt’n to it as we speak. It should be done in NO Time, cuz its easy to listen to, and rhym’n comes natural on a instrumental like this.
    Keep up the Good Work Slantize

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