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This Is The End

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 90 | Producer: hala-X
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12 Feedback

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Funky bass guitar and trumpet sample with a soulful vibe.

Moods: Sad, Soulful

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12 Feedback to “This Is The End”

  1. second time on here but this beat is killa another one by young lite a.k.a jkuan //// money tha i get thats the money spend citch lookin good n she got a female twin minnesota in the winter where winner winn thats cool haters cant see my diamonds cuzz them Mutha FUcc”s to bussie shine getting a lotta of tha money stay grandin all time ni66 with .9 ni66 u kno goofy gotta get mines stay fresh swagger super dumper compared to u ni66as my swagg on jupiter hunh hunh n it gett real stupider beating that pussy up then beating pussy down now pop it off mutha fuccin ground ima Saint paul Clown BUt COME i GRAndma gun DOwn /////n thats thee end

  2. it’s cool maah keep it an’ btw i love the clap ;)

  3. hey i’d appreciate feedbacc on what i did to this beat..and on the rest of my traccs

  4. dam. enuff said. imma kill this…

  5. is see like you make it wery easily, like walla am done, like that;)

  6. realy dope

  7. on the real my man you are the truth i love all your joints, i really can get down to them you have a real gift for that soul music, keep going don’t stop we need people like you on the boards. one.

  8. Alright alright, this one is definitly dope fo real

  9. sick! sick! sick!

  10. i like it real smooth

  11. I’m lovin’ this Hala, man. Keep bringing us this new shit. 5/5

  12. DOPE.

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