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Dec 09 2008 | BPM: 92 | Producer: 2Deep
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9 Feedback

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Maniacal, dark, jazzy sound using a plucked bassline and discordant pianos and violins.

Moods: Dark
Genres: Underground

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9 Feedback to “Gunner”

  1. yo yo yo ,
    what dupp player…
    this ya boy Ruff B, the underground master…
    am ready 2 rool…. hey shadow men.
    keep the fire blazing on… i realy do appriciare ya good works here bro
    you the reason why a nigga like rap so tight…


    Let A Nigga B free

  2. This one should be for Necro!

  3. yo im feelin u deep dis is my first time on here an ima tell u dis shit’s bananaz son sounds like some mobb deep shit keep dem bangers comin

  4. so so

  5. so good damn ohh damn

  6. been diggin this one for a good minute. thats that shit! this ones gonna be bumpin with my lyrics before too long.

  7. reminds me of cypress hill. very easy to flow 2. i like.

  8. nice beat bro.

  9. this shit is hot

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