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Just One More Day

Dec 15 2008 | BPM: 106 | Producer: Slantize
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49 Feedback

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Knocking drums but with a soft vibe using pads, pianos, violins, and bells and gated synths on the chorus.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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49 Feedback to “Just One More Day”

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  3. Do you have any other beats similar to this one? I was about to buy, but I can’t anymore, and I have the perfect cut for it! Please let me know. I Am huge fan of your work.

  4. wow, it just like one more days left! cool

  5. how can i get this beat i need that beattttt pleaseeeeee

  6. @descry, how can i get this beat ???????? pleas i needdddddddd that beat

  7. zajebiste ;]

  8. yo this beat is nice like really hpe and i think i can make a good like mix with this
    if you dont mind sending me this beat

  9. cool!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. hell yeah good stuff But i GOTTA AGREE


  12. DAMN all ur best beats are taken, for a reason i guess ha i mean their sicker than the swine flu

  13. yo hook me up with that beat ill send you a lil of what i can do with this beat

  14. oh its called what up girl

  15. i made a non profit song outta this a while ago

  16. this beat is too nice yo you think you can send it to me soo i can mack a dirty track with it

  17. çok fantastic :D

  18. Amazing slant :) some akon / danish pop music over it, dam cool.
    - first beat i rly think is 100% harmonic in here :) 5/5

  19. love this beat…have the lyrics for it already…came across this beat for my lyric….way to go!!!

  20. what music program do you use to produce it?

  21. I fuckin need this beat. Damn Cryptic for licensing it

  22. itis very cool damn realy good

  23. nice

  24. man cool it s good … :D! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KomedyeN new track-FiXed Time

  25. nice one

  26. the beat is wooow…

  27. i love this beat i could download it

  28. yo wuz go0d?? me n my mans did i song to this beat n we want u to hear it. how do i send it to u. im more than confident ull LOVE IT!~Blaze!~

  29. couldnt download it i mean

  30. i love this beat i just was disapointed i could download it


  32. This beat is very soulful.I love it more than others.RESPCET SLANTIZE

  33. you really have some kick azz beats man. props to ya.

  34. I could hear akon on dis




  36. this is an amazing beat as always : )

    I love your beats dude I always have lyrics to them

    and I can honestly say that your one of the only people that I can

    almost always know that will have a raw beat for about anything !!

    thanks for helping us all out : )

    -JazminBaby : )


  38. fantastiko loko

  39. Good BEAT!

  40. I truly love this beat :) thnZ Slantize

  41. redrum you faggit. this is their website, their yard..

    they should do it on here so everyone can see, pointless having a review section you ignorant moron.

    come back when you know summink bout rap you peasant. dont hate coz ill murk you up down sidewides inside out!!


  42. ^^ stop hating dude

    anyways good beat slant, im feelin this one, the switchup is great, the keys sound a bit off but i think that when you spit or sing over it it will sound right. good job.

  43. bluhd.. i bet these fools kno eachother.. durr.. telephone, celly fone, facebook, myspace, chat room… shiiit vegas strip, strip club, or how bout THE FUKKING LAB you ignorant fuck. hmmm.. durr, guys, since i dont see u writing a novel on the ‘reviews’ section of a beat page, i think u never speak.

    life exists beyond the computer.


    p.s.- sick beat bruh.. “oh the sexyness”!! =]]

  44. slantize is my fav producer, second to dr dre no doubt!! if ever i made it famous, id snatch him right up!!

    Now like most of slantizes recent beats, you can see he has elevated a hell of alot, and is at the stage where he is comfortable in what he does, which results in sickness like this!!

    The composition of all the instruments was dope man, a real inspiring beat. i never get writers block, and every time i hear a slantize beat, i have some many thoughts of how to murk the beat

    5/5 as always G, keep that hott shit coming.

    p.s, to all the other producers, you should all be giving each other true feedback like this, not just some lame sentence, like oh the sexy ness.

    you should atleast comment properly, so they can develop thewri skills better in different areas where u seem to think they lack. your a company? start acting like one


  45. damn way to piece this one together flows perfectly

  46. thanks ALOT i had the same problem i couldnt even freestyle or write but this one its sick i love this shit you guys should also make a horror rap section along with some guitar rap beats but keep things like this comin slantize your da man!!!!!!!! thanks for dis one really str8 up gangsta peaces yall :) and god bless

  47. sexy ness all over again

  48. Hey man thanks for making this beat lately I havent been able to come up with any lyrics until I heard this now I have tons of ideas you ARE the best of shadowville
    thanks for this beat

  49. This Beat is awesome! The melody is smooth and definitely inspiring! Awesome work Slantize!

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