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Jan 21 2009 | BPM: 90 | Producer: 2Deep
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16 Feedback

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Grimey low synth blended with high pitched spiccato strings over gritty, steady drums.

Moods: Dark, Frantic

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16 Feedback to “Rumble”

  1. Nice beat

  2. ……

  3. its good 5

  4. like tha beat its dope 4/5

  5. Yo this is the real shit..

  6. just kidding its good

  7. i was not feeling this to much 2/10

  8. i can hear shady on this track goin hard

  9. now this is wat yall need to keep doin! this grimey dirty SHADYS BOUT TO MURDER SOMEONE type of shit….foo shoo

  10. Yo this shit was sampled by DJ Muggs on that Sick Jacken V.S Dj Muggs the track is called ” God’s Banker” but yeah either way I like the beat cool shit peace

  11. my vote made it a full 4 bars lol…in anycase, this is a 5/5 class beat, purely underground and yea its very rapable, you gotta just take a different hit at it which is why its go great, to make you think outside the box rather than doing the same thing an artist always does.

  12. once again 2Deep, i think there’s just too much going on, i mean maybe its just me, maybe i dont like this type of stuff, but i dont get how somebody is supposed to rap with all that going on in the beat:S i dont know, that’s my opinion, i give this a 3/5.

  13. Damn Tight, ima use this on my english mixtape 010-TAPE

  14. 5/5 this is an underground BEAST!

  15. won’t post shit if its not the bomb! like my beats like I like my collard greens. If its not the bomb I don’t waiste my time….5/5 starts rough and ify then boom! it takes you.

  16. Lol, wow at people giving this low votes, pst. Remember this back on your soundclick page. Dope then, still dope now, like some Warriors fight music. 50/50.

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