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Demon's Lair

Feb 18 2009 | BPM: 125 | Producer: 2Deep
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19 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Eerie organ pads with dark piano and flute over a grimey double tempo drum pattern.

Moods: Dark

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19 Feedback to “Demon's Lair”

  1. This Grimmey but i like the original 09 version

  2. fuck! why is this not available lol god damn it…damn it to hell lol fuck

  3. ok men, dizz hay vãi lun

  4. really good work on the sample, the atmosphere is far away from the original. well done !

  5. Damn Str8 props
    clean ass beat
    stay up

  6. This puts me in mind of 4,5,6 by Kool G Rap. It’s definitely dope though, like the theme music for a twisted priest.

  7. This is truely sick. And, finally somewhat different drums. :) IMO you’ve had too similar drums on your previous works, though many of them are really, really good!

  8. omg….. 5/5

  9. just pure fire…..luv it man!

  10. D@S D@ Siccmade shit i’m talkin about mane… tyght shiiiit…
    feeeeeeelin it

  11. xD for a minute when the drums cam in i thought my computer frozed xD this is so grimy mad skills man ^w^


  13. This is Real work of real man.RESPECT 2Deep And I say that @deep beats is the best ,in this game. JANNAT MARKAZIDAN 2Deep GA RAHMAT ! (uzbek)

  14. i dont want to sound rude this is not even clse to ur best though. i like it alot but, ur other stuff crackin.. i like that you kept it underground though homie. you got the best shit on shadowville keep doing it

  15. You Did Work. Your “best” beat probably. Beautiful.

  16. 2deep I think this is easily one the darkest beats I’ve ever heard..I fucking LOVE this shit.

    I’ll write a banger to this someday and make you proud. 5 out of fucking 5 bro.

  17. O 2DEEP you have brouch the ricord with that, tomow A gat a song hahahha

  18. 1 of the best 2Deep beats out there.I love your work on this and i cant wait for Demon’s Lair part 2! im glad i downloaded this beat cause im sure it will be bought soon

  19. At first I thought BPM:125 ???
    Then oh shit man this is 2Deep super work you are doin it fantastic :D I love your DarkBeats all of them
    R - E - S - P - E - C - T

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