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Hell On Earth

ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 89.5 | Producer: 2Deep
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14 Feedback

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Gritty vinyl piano sample flipped with real grimey drums.

Moods: Dark, Sad

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14 Feedback to “Hell On Earth”

  1. Weeks since i seen beeks cheaks squeek to each there own. I Leave em for better beliefs. Only.believing forever In loving of releasing my pressure With freaks. I use weeks on ends outta em at a time till their Minds split ways way past where her legs stay At saying lets just be friends compared to lost cause on her Ends that end meet ing up at track marks. Then its ex friends back to start going to bed makes smart for the back to park. Art of the mark on the heart heart of that dark think smart march em past dark. Follow light till Last spark. i Lit my path with the arch of the dark angel hath Gods chosen angle how to strangle

  2. I got a Version of this song called Real Spit check it

  3. Like Beat!!!!!! La Victoria - Peru

  4. Having problem listening

  5. me gusta///

  6. very nice!….i like:X:X

  7. has elements of older Havoc production….2deep is a mad scientist.

  8. I love the intro but I hate your drums so much.

  9. whr the fk did that fool(nate aka lil nate) came out..

  10. Haha in my oppinion I think those people on the other comments must be high or something man that beat sounds like s*** that hi hat came in all retarded drumline sucks snare has way to much reverb and the piano went retarded before the beat dropped man I can make beats on mixcraft with drum samples that are better then that but thats all in my oppinion I guess I just like different stuff but do what you do man oh and to me it sounds like all you producers on here use like the same drum kit over and over and over its not very often that you hear drumlines that are FRESH I know you can do better then this beat!!

  11. wwwwwwwwooooooooooooow this beat rocks. .. 5/5 . . .im still amazed;) best beat ever

  12. Yup, exactly what Pikk said, all your snares are sick, you really bring that dope underground sound to your instrumentals, gotta love em and respect em.

  13. Reverb heavy snare, trademark of any 2Deep instrumental. Fuckin love this beat. 50/50.

  14. man your songs do go good wit ur name 2deep cuz ur beats are 2deep man love it, keep up dem dope ass tracks.

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