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Mine For The Taking

Mar 24 2009 | BPM: 73 | Producer: Slantize
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22 Feedback

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Twisted synth hook with violins, choirs, and brass over hard hitting 808 drums to create a epic feeling.

Moods: Dark, Epic

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22 Feedback to “Mine For The Taking”

  1. Chek my version Slantize, Thanks

  2. Woooow idnt knw wt 2 tel……..i cnt belif
    a…:……..:….:a…..wen i listen de track m just gone crazy…………abt de track
    I like it
    LemNlims Suantak

  3. dkm

  4. mad beat brow !

  5. yo its kronik bringing you a couple verses to let you see a little bit of the song. also had to future a friend but i made up his lyrics.

    (0:39)Purple smoked kush- chillen with my bros to busy enjoying life cant be thinking about the hoes (x2)

    (0:51) because when it snows i make it rain take off the leash put on the chain, she wanted a souvenir so i left her with a stain (uh) remember the name because kronik has changed the game from that weird ass shit, that u mother fucken rappers call a hit.
    (ya) you dont like my beats then fucken eat my spits, my shits hotter than a streak. i have the river running , cause my flows running like a creek you’ve seen me at my start, but havn’t seen my at my peak..

    (Vanilla jones)
    (1:45) my black bitches be mad cause my main bitch vanilla, my rhymes leave ya dead.. so call me a killa, cause there aint no body illa than vanilla jones when i spit my main verse, i make those bitches moan, i guess this is the life that i have chosen my verses so cold they leave ya frozen.

    the good life collapsing fast, ya your raps are good, my shits way surpassed. ima make your pussy rumble with vanilla jones dick, my beats bad ya but my rhymes they fucking click, my shits burning good, just like a candle stick, ima knock your ass down if i hear ya talkin shit (2:24)

  6. Hey Slantize, I recorded a track for this how can I send it to you? Gotta let you hear what your beat brought out in me..

  7. check out my channel ! sick shit by the way !

  8. i like beat

  9. Noice

  10. thats dope, i like it its like killer music ifr i wrote killing music lol but dope

  11. nice beat really killin me………………

  12. Beef 102

  13. god damn this is hot

  14. yes

  15. I’m diggin this beat too. every time a new beat comes on its like christmas or something. The anticipation is overwhelming waiting for each new beat to come out. Madd props.5/5

  16. this beat is hot …

  17. shit hot right here


  19. Was I the only one waiting to here ‘K’ ‘A’! on this beat?

  20. Deezam!!! This is a banger. I gotta write to this asap!! Good job homie.

  21. lol i said shit 3 rofl

  22. shit man this is the shit! could get a real fast flow on this shit

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