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Call To Victory

Apr 15 2009 | BPM: 77 | Producer: Slantize
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45 Feedback

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Powerful, uplifting brass and electric guitar chorus with a motivational melody of driving celloes, bass saws, and bells over a 808 drums and choir pads.

Genres: Dirty South

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45 Feedback to “Call To Victory”

  1. Здравствуйте! Я здесь впервые, не могу найти правила, дайте ссылку пжлст

  2. Good night, Slantize.
    I am in the process of recording my second album and I wonder if there is still availability license this beat.

    Fan Page -
    Instagram -
    Twitter -
    Music -

    Official music video “DF - I Believe.”
    VEVO Channel (YouTube).
    Access -

  3. Check out the song i wrote to this on youtube and tell me what you think type in:
    Kayla Coffee Scene

  4. amazing

  5. Daaaaamn… on sum no-hater shit… all the covers i heard here are mediocre at best! Im glad this beat hasnt been purchased yet. Me n the homie Nomoe flipped it to sum radio shit thats too gangsta to be played on radio. Stay tuned…expect the link to be up in a few. Nice try, tho, homies…..

  6. Slantize if u read this comment, you should check out my version of this beat. truly killed it great beat. true hit. Leme kno what u think.

  7. my song this beat
    thanks shadowville . peace

    @samki, Powerful, uplifting brass and electric guitar chorus with a motivational melody of driving celloes, bass saws, and bells over a 808 drums and choir pads.

  8. i like it

  9. Bout to do something over this track for Make A Song contest. It’s gonna be sick as this beat is, trust me. My previous tracks can be hear at

  10. Hey bro, I just used this beat in my clans first montage video. You can check it out at

    Great beat, thanks man. I hope you enjoy the video.

  11. gooD ^^” <3

  12. Favorite beat on here. Did this track a while back over it. Planning on putting it on my mixtape whenever i finish everything for it and it drops, which will definitely be a while. lol lemme know what you think.

  13. Skarreds version is what the beat is, inspiring, he talks about the government and tells a story of we the people uprising, i dnt think ive ever dreamed about a song afetr i heard one until i heard his…

  14. im sorry but mock1ne does not have the best version to alot of these beats, Skarred from New Mexico has killer shit but it isnt all gangsta all that, ppl are sick of bitches money weed raps, talking about swagger doesnt make u unique like ur page says u are, it makes u like every1 else, no disrespect, u said feedback would help, i just think a new style of rap needs to come along b4 rock takes over again.

  15. This is onestly my favorite beat on this website.i could murder this beat.

  16. I have the BEST VERSION HANDS DOWN!!!

  17. done deal BossMain iz gonna kill this beat

  18. What key is this song in?

  19. This beat go hard im a rapper and i would definetly get on dat shyt fam good job i like the evil style thats all i rap off of

  20. good..

  21. i may be a white boy…but im comin up mayne…check out this track i made on this beat

  22. çok güzel olmus çok süper

  23. That’s a crazy beat,so good man

  24. best cover on this beat….

  25. good

  26. im not from the diaty south…but i am from the south west tx a border city…all the homies trip out wit this beat…and whats kool about it they love it in mex…seimon ese

  27. this is some fire right here props on this shit

  28. Sick

  29. amazing !!!!!

  30. sick

  31. yo i made the coldest trak to this beat its called( i got my locs on)get at it

  32. This is the best beat on this site…

  33. no offense lil 40..but ur song was kinda wack..just being honest..that beat is killa and can be a classic song if done right…

  34. Ay man luvin the beat homie…
    Chorus is nice like that tooo


  36. sikk shit
    Love your beatz!

  37. this is sum heavy champion sht, keep droppin em slantize!!

  38. That beat is fire kidd, keep em bangin ruthless, u rock n roll, with those mothafuckas, 1

  39. this that shit slantize! big ups hommie… im grooving with this one..

  40. this beat is tight what kind of programs and shit do you guys use to make beats besides FL Studios how do you get the up to date sounds on it cuz i had it for a year and i still dont know how to upgrade the sounds on it so it would be real nice if you niggas you help me cuz i really need cuz i want to become a producer to make beats

  41. heard it two days ago was sick then and is sick now.

  42. its ok. the driving tune is good but some of the background keys are slightly off pitch, the guitar sound is fine though.

  43. wow, these sounds all go great together…Amazing beat Slant, i’ll definitely jump on this one. love the chorus.

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