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Apr 23 2009 | BPM: 87.5 | Producer: 2Deep
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21 Feedback

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Grimey piano sample with some female vocal chops over gritty underground drums.

Moods: Dark

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21 Feedback to “Stickup”

  1. this is ill

  2. interesting beat…@2deep has been doing his thing for a while, i think i like the newer ish better tho

  3. hey this beat is sick can anyone send it to me at

  4. good man.

  5. haha i wrote a track called SLUTS to this shyt lol came out dope haha

  6. soon as i get money ima try to buy this beat lol so far every 1 liked the song we made on this

  7. yeah man ilove dis beat yahooooo……. gangsta cuban hehehe

  8. great!!!

  9. Fell for sure im gonna spit to this thingy

  10. Fire. Loving the haunting and eerie atmosphere.

  11. Nice beat

  12. this beat is amaizing man…

    keep up your good work…

    see you around !!!

  13. Oooowwww woooo :) i will use this beat for my album … Thanks.

  14. Yea change your drum kit sometime these type of drums are getting boring

  15. there is something about this beat that gets me lol and i dont know what it is. amazing

  16. Fucking amazing! Dude, seriously, this is sick

  17. Fire, yep i will use this beat for my next battle

  18. Man change your drum loops,5\5

  19. hey… it is that shit… fuck yea… That 5/5 shit. 2deep never drops wack shit.

  20. i feel ive heard this beat before but i know i havent lol, sexy 5/5 beat, great job deep

  21. damn 2Deep! this is THAT shit right here! dope as hell!

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