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Feelin Damn Good

Jun 03 2006 | BPM: 100 | Producer: ADP
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22 Feedback

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Positive vibes synth dance beat with very electronic synths.

Genres: Club, Pop, Urban

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22 Feedback to “Feelin Damn Good”

  1. - lowest price propecia hair

  2. god i still love this beat

  3. lol, phucking great !!

  4. son, I’ll make you a beat that you won’t even be able to rap on. So buzz off you internet thug!

  5. man diz beat iz wack aszzz hell u got better ones in ya ya dig???5,000 HomeY-FoE

  6. I blew one of my speakers having this on full blast! This is one hell of a beat, I rate 4720/10. Reminds me of Kanye’s recent work with the 808’s, top-class ADP!


  8. very positive is right…. it got me bobbing like mad and rappin my heart out… love this beat!

  9. Like we say in Germany: “Sehr FETTER beat!” :) luv that one

  10. Man I nearly passed out.
    This shit is incredible.
    Do Your thing man.

  11. What a fucking melody, off the hook bro. When I heard the drums at the begining, I was about to say, ADP…this ain’t you, WTF, but then the beat hit, and it just knocked me out of my chair. Sweet as hell man.

  12. omfg shit in pants

  13. this beat was at 4.75/5, some lil fucker rated this 1/5….whoever it was you should be ashamed of yourself

  14. as a wise man once said,”I fuckin love ur beats man-keep it up”….dude i love the synths..and the whole thing is almost nutin but synths…i love the way u mix shit!!!


  15. Insane way to rip the synths..


    15/10 this is perhaps the best beat on the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could get ciara to spit the hook for me on dis… lol

    good job adp

  17. Synths are ripped…


  18. Wasn’t feelin damn good til’ I heard this beat..guess the name fits. ;D

  19. oh my god,what a’S totally crazy.great i love your beats

  20. This is a fuckin crazy-ass awesome muthafuckin mainstream direct hit-maker.

    I wrote a song on this with a chick singin part of the hook, n me the other, n i take over the rappin.
    ADP Brings tight-ass beats to the battlefields, ready-2-bounce.
    Fuckin good.
    The versatility in this beat is breathtakin…


  21. ADP-I fuckin love all of your beats..Keep it UP!

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