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Rims Spinnin

May 10 2009 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Smoke
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18 Feedback

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Chopped and screwed hook on a smooth Texas style beat with riding synths and 808s.

Moods: Relaxed, Silly

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18 Feedback to “Rims Spinnin”

  1. haha luv it gona rip this track apart

  2. hey smoke hit me up mayne HUSH_MOUF_RECORDS@YMAIL.COM ASAP

  3. fuckkk . its the mothfcknnnn real gangsta beat !!!

  4. yUpK, d0pKeSt bKeAt 0nK hErE, imMa HiT iT UpK, EvEnK iF y0u Do bKuy iT FlosSDt…itS Co0l WiT mEh, i’lL DuMpK iT AfTeR ThAt…AnKd YeSss….WE nKEED M0RE 0F THESE, LOTS M0RE pKLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ctachy ass melody

  6. thats defiantly Young Buck on the hook

  7. nope. im wrong. it is tvs playn, my bad bro

  8. oh and j_murderous– im pretty sure its “Dvds playin, rims spinnin” not “tvs playin”. jus sayn

  9. HELL YEA BRO!!!! thts wat im talkn bout! i hereby decree this the sickest beat on shadowville. we need more Texas style beats on this site. ima hit u up soon bout buyn this one.

  10. shit is tuff…imma get on this one


  12. This shit screams Gucci Mane!

  13. It sayin’ ” Tv playin,rims spinnin,blowin plenty dro.
    Don’t have to mention when u pimpin u get plenty hoes.” From the song “Stomp” by Young Buck…… By far the dopest shit I’ve heard in a while.

  14. this shits Gangster as fuck, I dig it…

  15. what is the refrain sayin?

  16. Who?? Mike jones!! lmao


  18. good work, who’s voice is it for the hook

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