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May 13 2009 | BPM: 90 | Producer: hala-X
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13 Feedback

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Exotic lute mixed with Spanish guitar and some quick overdrive guitars on the chorus.

Moods: Dark

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13 Feedback to “Desperados”

  1. amifostine, tadalafil. doxycycline empty stomach This indicator study is also restricted to a sample of general illness encounters, representing a mix of health problems and patient ages.

  2. no bull shit speech brah, this that rawness. 5/5

  3. shit, sry

  4. id take a fine-watch witch id trade for live-stock
    my dimes gotta pine-glock loaded with 5-shots
    befor id leave this place the native american indians
    livin in pig-skin pavilions sing me a rhythm. grippin a million
    visions enticed of OPM, grinnin through the mist as im fearin-em.
    whisperin chants of delirium. grip me with intense warnings
    and war stories appearin-in the smoke of the cheif masters
    dorm-quarters. a short-chorus sounds hittin me from all-corners

  5. the desperado.. hittin-the-dirt-roads not inna car-though…
    i be sittin-on-burn-toes wiffin cigar-smoke,
    no im not in a pattern of furr-coats i preffer-rope
    wrappin-my-waist n a dirty hat to fashins-my-face
    on my hips-sit a big-whip n a pistol-to-blow
    inside a dusty sand storm that barley tickles-my-noes
    my steal-boots from a dead man. not i one, id steal-two
    grippin a sence of vengence like the spurs on my heals-do
    if killed-few, talkin in my language that shoots too
    the rusty metal vests that my bullets have pield-through
    i walk a straight path, leavin my compase befor-me
    since iv learnt to read the sun like the natives had taught-me
    facing torture in the brutal form of a knife-and-a-scalp
    practised by the warriors of whom hide-in-the-alps
    since my capture, yet walkin free surviving-without-
    a scratch-see, a wise companionship in ties with hipache’

  6. damn hala, you killed tha beat after the drop in, built it up with tha guitar, had me pumped n shit, and then awww…..dead. sorry, but I gotta be honost

  7. sick as fuck

  8. Fuckin trill ass Hala-X. Man, who dropped the rating?

  9. fuckt to dope G 5/5

  10. this was hot as fuck

  11. damn! hotness hala! 5/5

  12. fire

  13. DIBBS!!!!..ha, 5/5 as always hala

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