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Flood The Block

May 15 2009 | BPM: 91 | Producer: 2Deep
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22 Feedback

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Hard hitting drums with uplifting electric guitars and melodic bassline.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad

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22 Feedback to “Flood The Block”

  1. is ivermectin over the counter

  2. - Priligy

  3. It’s GREAT !

    Please send me !

  4. Dowloand Plss… :(

  5. hmm nomral

  6. lov this shit superbeat.

  7. i grew up around the sickness of alchol addiction
    i drown-in-old-conflictions over amount-of-holes-iv-slipped-in
    iv seen the worst of the slums, through the curse-of-my-mum
    her problems almost murdered-her-son until she turned-to-above
    she prayed until the day that she’d leave. her souls-forgivnen
    looks like we made it through the roaches n streets old-seringes
    considered lucky if youv left-alive
    im the fly caught up with this pen-of-mine,
    workin through a web-of-lies
    and now i try to stand tall - but i still cant walk
    sometimes i try to speak when i cry - but i still cant talk
    i never got my decent goodbyes - so i still cant morn
    and still i try to paint the picture - but i still cant draw
    so i try to rack my brain for some shit to erase
    grippin some names. that if i see again id spit in there face!
    there intertwined with the vengence when i rip-through-the-page
    just take a walk through my shoes if you think-im-sane

    @nomad834, dopeness of rap right to beat. Gangster instrumentals

  8. Lovin your mix of feel good underground bassy beats keep it up dawwg

  9. oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwww…..veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyy coooolllll i love beat fuck man……

  10. sick as hell. nuff said.

  11. Had to comment twice.

  12. 太好听啦

  13. Hell yeah! 2Deep, the proud of Shadowville… Keep it up homie! Respect n’ love from Copenhagen!

  14. best ever

  15. wat a dope beat man. :D

  16. Dopest beat on here. Lol there people! You can stop dropping the comments, “change your drums”. 5/5.

  17. hot beat.. keep up the good work for us inspiring musicians…….

  18. man thats of da hook!!! 5/5

  19. fire mos def naw mean

  20. definitly flood the block with this

  21. DAMN
    d(-_-)b BUMP

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