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Our Show

Jun 09 2006 | BPM: 130 | Producer: Slantize
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18 Feedback

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Based off the Forgot About Dre beat. Did you always wanna flow on a rhythm like that? Well here’s your chance to do it on a hot drum pattern with very catchy beeps and hard distortion guitar on the hook.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring
Genres: Gangsta, R&B

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18 Feedback to “Our Show”

  1. i love this beat can you tell me were to download this

  2. damn it is cooool nice keep it up

  3. haha i tried to take the flow and style off the “Forgot About Dre” track and put it on this beat. i managed to get through the first verse, but came up dead :P but that was months ago. I think I’ll continue on it and title it “Remember AL-Mazing”

    fuckin great beat tho…i love it.

  4. tipic prod. dr.dre & eminem ;)

    nice beat _!’+

  5. damn, i’m feelin da beat but da verses is 32 bars for god’s sake, i can make 2 three verse songs and not waste my time on dis beat. its hot tho

  6. once again slan!!! excellent work. i admire your style with beats. i got sick on this beat just freestylin, so if i wrote to this beat it would be off the chain!!! no joke, use my email son. we can make this money man.

  7. I love this beat, i’m doin a track with this one

  8. this beat spells sinister … shadowville pro-duck-son holds it down like a mofucka

  9. Y’all know me, still same ol g…hehe, yep, great work…from begining to the end…This is what Dr.Dre should put on his Detox Album!

  10. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit hottest beat on this damn site!!!!!!!!!!!! makes me wanna grab the K and CHOP CHOP CHOP

  11. where do u get your synths and Fx they are so insane

  12. Loved the original and I love this one…Dope beat…one of the best beats.

  13. doesnt hit a 9 cuz its banging the 10 :P lmao, great stuff, my boiz can rap to this kinda stuff, if they do i’ll post it up with your permission


  14. This kinda stretches too far outta forgot about dre. sorry to say but it doesnt reach that beat. its tight, but not a valid comparison. except the chorus is tight as fuck tho. maybe needs something different to work out perfect. doesnt hit a 9


  15. This isn’t really a forgot about dre flow…hahaha
    I get more of a Superman vibe from it than anything, still damn nice though.

    And to the peope asking for Tupac type beats(huh?) - check the West Coast section, especially that ‘Another Day’ beat. I think that might be what your looking for. If not…then you don’t know what you’re looking for.

  16. Damn, This is tight and different at the same time. I really like this one! Yeah I agree, Make Tupac type beats too

  17. why no 2pac typ shadowville you are the best PLz make 2pac typ

  18. This one is HOT!Sounds like some Eminem type ish!Nice!

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