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The Radio Single

Jun 12 2006 | BPM: 85 | Producer: Slantize
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20 Feedback

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A very catchy gritty synth mixed with a heavy hitting bassline and drum pattern. Bells, plucked strings, and square whistles throughout the beat.

Moods: Dark, Frantic
Genres: Club, Dirty South

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20 Feedback to “The Radio Single”

  1. Does anyone have the mp3 still? I just reformated the computer and lost my mp3s. would love to replace this one

  2. gretings from austria , …

    nice beat

  3. Hey! Hey! Hey! hahaha crazy ass beat man.

  4. The whole beat is a gem..BUT the whistle in the verses kinda subtracts from that gangster heavy hitter vibe, and its kinda anoying.. it would be perfect with out it

  5. I heard this Artist “Southpaw” on this tracked and he killed it…..your track with his flow,,,sounds like a million dollar hit………you can hear it here

  6. This is one of my most favorite beats for sure. The construction and flow of all the synths fall into place like a perfect masterpiece! Well done!

    Peace Outz,
    Mr BJ :)

  7. WTF? How many synts am I going to hear? You outdid yourself in this one, and created an unbelievable beat. Nice flow throughout the whole track, but the melody of the whistle is stuck in my head, great work…keep it up, keep bringing theze flamez on us!

  8. like i said b4…i love it man…very clubbish….a hit without words man….i love the square whistles and the chant is off the chain man…..better than lil jon right herr


  9. i luv the sin on the the verses and the pizzicatto strings. that Bass synth is some strait ridin music and the “Hey” in the hook makes it that much better. I could hear lil jon and the young bloods on this one.

  10. Crazy ass beat….another hot one in the collection…

  11. I thought this was mister KAs beat?

  12. shit is ill mane..never knew u could mixe synth’s with a more synths and it would be off this f****** chain mane….ima write sum ryhmes to it…much love for the yellow mane….lol


  13. Beat is ill

  14. What are those bells called?

  15. this beat is so crazy

  16. has to be a favourite …it has a crazy opening to the chorus and verse…
    this is a club banger man…shit is hot …

  17. this this this one here is one of my favorites. the synths are sick and that’s like the best part of the beat!! awesome sh** man, it’s hot!!!!! But once again , i have no idea what to write about to this one. seems to me it’s fine without any words on it! but i’m gonna try any way!!!! good luck. much love.


  18. its a great one, but i duno why, i just get really annoyed by the Hey hey things in ppls songs lol but still i cant deny that this is a ccrazed out beat


  19. really nice one beat!

  20. Man I love this beat. DTP and another southern hot muthafucka can rip thru this. Definately THE RADIO SINGLE. The hard synth you say? Awesome. I almost felt like part of the chorus was about to break into Til I Collapse lol. Jus an impression. Tight. Props man. Props

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