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Off The Corner

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 76 | Producer: hala-X
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21 Feedback

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Heavy rock and roll sample with electric guitars and east coast drums.

Genres: East Coast, Urban

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21 Feedback to “Off The Corner”

  1. F.U.C.K.I.N raw as a cow in India

  2. tough beat. What sample is it or what is the dude saying in the beginning of the hook?

  3. hala-x… nigga this stuff is extra dope. if you have anything else like this send it my way or give me a heads up.

    I spit something on it if you wanna hear it.

    @swift5588, OK DATS WATZ UP

  4. amazing work man! i love this beat

  5. raaawwwww!!!!!!!

  6. yeah this beat is fuckin sick… reminds me a little of fabolous BREATH, I guess just cuz of the rock sample.

  7. what sample is this?

  8. …RoFl,i mean it isnt his style…whatever

  9. this is mean!!

  10. To Bubbaadrian:

    This is a HIP-HOP beat, trust me. As for the ‘BE YOURSELF HALA’, how’s he suppose to be HIMSELF, if he has someone telling him what beats to make, “Make Beats Like Crackdown 1 and 2.”

    If you’re a critic, then please, keep it critical, not HYPO-CRITICAL.

  11. Man,be serious,this ISNT Hip-hop beat,only the drum loop is east side,but that shit…BE YOURSELF HALA and make beats like Crackdown 1 and 2
    RESPECT from Romania,Targoviste,peace(pace in romanian language)!!!

  12. thanks

  13. DOPE. It’s that old Hala type ish. Does it EVERYTIME! 100/100.

  14. Damn HALA X this dope.
    I work out to this beat

  15. my speakers melted. beat is FIRE!!! 5/5 classic material

  16. Defently Jadakiss, That Sample Of The Gi=utair Is Sick Drum Work Is Perfect Great Job

  17. WOOOOOW MA god homie :D this beat is amazin’ hahaahaha good work :D:D

    Byee! From spain ;)

  18. This is ill. it makes you feel all empowered n stuff.

  19. this is mookmook, the original account is suspended, i tought of jadakiss rapping on the beat when i heard it

    you should send this to his manager or someone connected to him

  20. WOOOW!!! Hala you did it again excellent work, 5/5.

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