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Jun 12 2009 | BPM: 118 | Producer: Slantize
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14 Feedback

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Sexy pop beat with acoustic guitars, deep cellos, piano, and harmonica.

Moods: Sad
Genres: Club, Pop, Urban

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14 Feedback to “Sensuality”

  1. mate this beat has some sick feel to it bro respect to ya =D

  2. Very nice …………………………. No comments

  3. Boy, you’re Awesome !

  4. SHIT

  5. yo i wrote the ill song to this :) sexy song about a man at a bar with his gf and he’s not having a good time so he sees this girl (aka me LOL) and starts checking her out making eye contact conversation and he’s like dreaming about her and shit :P anyone wanna hear it i wanna share my music and since you made the beat ima put it up on youtube soon so u can hear it :) im excited hope ppl like it

  6. I couldnt rap on it… but the melody is sooooo fine

  7. yo man i’ll b buying it soon, made a song to send to def jam woooh and sony

  8. Fuckin Hot SHit!
    Keep On Producin Slant!

  9. Ilove this beat! this is the best beat I’ve ever heard! Sweet bro!

  10. fuckin hot

  11. no te pases guey que pinche chido.
    Yo Slantize this one right here is Fire.

  12. 5/5


  14. this a ill lay bck girl beat naw mean love it my dude

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