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Jun 24 2009 | BPM: 112 | Producer: Slantize
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30 Feedback

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Sexy dark club beat with trance sounds, heavy grinding saws, hypnotic synths and gated leads on the chorus.

Moods: Dark, Frantic
Genres: Club, Pop

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30 Feedback to “Sexercise”

    rezinc- ( Da okema ft.blu )- Feel it
    thats who bought this beat REZINC!!!!!
    check out the rest of BLU and REZINC’S MUSIC!

    @promises015, dont fuckin lie i bought this beat over 4 years ago.

    @deedeeman01, nah im just playin around…that song is pretty dope blu made from this beat keep it up


  3. ; ) good beat but too new school

  4. this shit is bangin its what ive been lookin foe hit me if i can get it ore some kinda simular beats !

  5. esa cura uqe
    no se puede descargar weee!!!


  7. lookin at

  8. woaaa shit … this beat is too hot for this world
    good job slant =)

  9. Who bought this beat please tell me god i will buy it from you

    @joash797, rezinc- ( Da okema ft.blu )- Feel it

  10. this beat is cool :)

  11. Fuck!!!! Is this for real?! Awesome… keep it going like this, man…

  12. I absolutely love this beat Im just startin in music ive used some beats from on here but this is by far my favorite! I did my own interpretation of dizzy and pros BURN DA DANCE FLOOR but added my style to it DANCE-ALL-NIGHT is my version. check it out at my myspace i lm lovin ur shit! I wish you had some more electro pop bangers in ur bag of tricks!! i know you could do it!

  13. yea rapping britney spears…images of this beat

  14. ooo yeeeahhh maaan.

  15. fire

  16. This Was Hot Ass Beat..!! But Still i am looking for a west coast beat, like Dr Dre Style or Mr. Criminal, da da dayuumm i would be happy if some one made a Mr. Criminal Beat..aww !

  17. This is one ‘Sexellent’ beat. Played this one last night n’ immediately started writin’ down. 2 thumbs up

  18. goodshit!

  19. very great work my friend.. i download it– 5/5

  20. Siik! dis gonna b a no1 4 sure

    classic bruv

    want sum mor of dis yh

  21. Looks like Playboy will have another hit. Reminds me of Smooth Talker, both being 2 of your best mainstream pop beats. 5/5.

  22. Can’t even describe this shit right now.
    Plus I’m high as fuck….hungover too. Good shit slant, keep it up!

  23. Oh SHit Man
    THis Is Sikker Than Sikk
    KEep Producin that Fire Shit!

  24. Sick as hell. 5/5.

  25. This Sounds Like Something Playboy Would Rip, Dope Ass Club Beat

  26. This song makes me want to rap with Britney Spears.

  27. this is one of the hottest beats ive heard on here good lookin slant keep em comin homie

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