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Life Or Death

Jun 30 2009 | BPM: 93 | Producer: Smoke
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19 Feedback

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Dark piano and guitar beat with epic timpanis and strings over a steady east coast drum beat.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Sad

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19 Feedback to “Life Or Death”

  1. sounds cool smoke u smoke

  2. one of your oldie,but goldie…50/5!

  3. Good job Smoke. This beat is deep. And I don’t mean the title. Just the whole vibe I get from it. I’m writing some words for it. I’ll post when its ready. The title is “Love of My Life. Thanks again for tha inspiration. Peace

  4. 5/5

  5. Yo…. A.K Juss Droppin Some Respect For Ya Page Bra !!! Tight Work!!!

  6. not bad at all

  7. Eehh yupp :S

  8. yo sick ass beat i cud se lloyd banks rippin this shit up

  9. I really like this song.. so cool…it’s always a good sign when i can freestyle to a track i just clicked on..I was think about a song called : The heart wants what the heart wants…If i can get it together i will def sent you a copy…take care, Ms. Jonez

  10. like towards the end(3:30) you let the beat ride out with out the bass its fire smoke nice one

  11. yo this beat is sick its deffinantly a eastcoast but i think it sounds too much of a midi file, and on the verse tracks it sounds so similar to the chorus you should deffinantly drop some instruments on the verses mke it sound more dark than inspiring but 5/5

  12. ILL. 5/5

  13. Wow. This completes a song that I wrote about 2 years ago for my wife. Perfect man, just perfect.

  14. you should keep makin this type of shit you still got that contest goin down?cuz i think me gotsa track you will like with this one :P

  15. Good baet, little grimmy lifestyle beat.
    Like it, 5/5

  16. Crazy shit.. Smoke, you’re the man! keep it up!

  17. yo man this shit is sick! more reviews. lately u’ve been putting up some good shit

  18. nice rythem switches, alows for alot of good mic rippin opportunities

  19. yoooo im feeling this intro alot , this is good … i could fuxx wit it -


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