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Throw Our Love Away

Jul 15 2009 | BPM: 90 | Producer: 2Deep
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97 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Dark synth pianos with high pitched emotional guitars and a hypnotic drum and bassline.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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97 Feedback to “Throw Our Love Away”

  1. Please, can you send me this beat ? It was AMAZING !!
    My email adress is

  2. Please send this beat to me, even with tags. I am working towards somekind of a mix-tape that’s going to be named ”Non Profit” and i really love this beat!..

  3. Hello 2Deep you beat is very, very great. I can use it to my record?

  4. if you wanna any beat send me a message on

  5. I like this one, the BEST, can anyone send me this beat in mail?

  6. The best beat from shadowville :) Please send me this beat in mail
    Im love this beat :) Nomber One

  7. :::STILL THE BEST:::


  8. muy buena,very good, please i need to use please.i am from Spain Barcelona.thanks

  9. Very nice

  10. nice sample !5/5

  11. Please send it to me that nothing beats super

  12. you can send me this beat please???

  13. wow i had this beat downloaded and my computer crash my girl of 5 years just broke up with me because of my legel issues and i really wanna record something to this beat for just her is there anyway i could get this beat i would really appreciate it

  14. any1 who has this beat ? pls i need to use it !

  15. great 2Deep !

  16. Itsnt this website designed to sell beats. if there unavailable wtf r they still on here

    @MrNegative, its aready sold thats what it means

  17. bpm?

  18. Who Da Fuck Is Rumors?

  19. hotsauce02 | Feb 5, 2010


    that’s right !



    @hotsauce02, yo do you still got this beat


    @patronokance, yo do you still got this beat

  22. but it says u gotta put the name in it and no to sell it and to put on youtube

  23. Rumorz did a song on this beat

  24. Here’s my shot at this song. I go hard… Enjoy

  25. if i see hottie den i move dat
    me and u wev already been through dat
    wev? i been through crap i thought u knew dat
    ive had of dis life now i want u back
    and nows dere no tracy of ur pretty face
    ur dah the sickest ace
    im the sickest spades
    but u im not u with me babes
    wat a tradgye i can see it in ur face

  26. can i download it then make a track to it and put on youtube cos it say i nedd to put the makers name in it

  27. i wnt a luv song beat

  28. Maybe because he downloaded the beat and used it…. try logical thinking bro ;) lol

    @2Deep, yo man can you let a broher get this beat

  29. why a rapper named rumorz used this shit already and relesaed a song ont his shit how the fuck u selling it >>>>>>>>>>>>>u gets no love fuck that…..

    @sjnh87, come on man for real do you know how to read between the lines. We are all artists, producers, lyricists, singers, we all have access to these beats! I’ve downloaded and released songs using hundreds of these beats that doesn’t mean that they can’t sell them! This beat is sick no matter who uses it


  31. awsum man

  32. u got down with this beat

  33. nice

  34. very good

  35. hot beat man !!!!





  38. you should let people download this beat maan! people wants it ! ;)

  39. MAN
    This Shit Is SICK

  40. this beat is very good men :D

  41. nomad that def sounded like some eminem shyt lol nice! : )

  42. now iv gotta bad-habbit, but the sad-fact-is iv had-it
    with tracks-bangin to map-hazards of wack-matters
    when chaps-smackin this wack-rapper turns mad-savage
    to stab-faggots or grab-jackets till gats-crackin
    i cant believe that you did this to me, like black-magic
    got my tranced in to think we could be , with that-marriage
    feel my heart, hear it triple-in-speed, now back-packin
    through furthest thing-you-could-reach, bitch..
    plannin the murder of ya best-friends
    im the worst-hun, turn-up n twist till there neck-bends
    im the cursed-one, bloodied-n-petrified, cunning-n-ever-wise
    gunning-to-severe-lives, recognise, to set-it-right
    wheres ya man? understand, il slam this fake-faggot
    il spray-gas till his face-catches the flamed-matches
    my blades-lashin create-gashes when nate-slashes
    my hates-crashin insane-matters till brains-splattered!


  43. is this still for sale? cause i’d buy this in a minute

  44. damn that hoe is playa

  45. Oh Beat Good

  46. yo when its listed az unavailable duz that mean someone bought the exclusive rights???

  47. wtf i head it n i waz like s**t… this beat is hot man.. u guys jus keep comming back with betta n betta 1’s
    keep it up

  48. YéaH TuRKısH..!

  49. sie go ya :D

  50. Well… both had a lot of lifting done… so you can mix em up ;-) Anyway: Brilliant beat…. just had my first verse finished… hope for more to come into my mind soon…
    Super dope beat!!!

  51. lol close! thats cher bro…

  52. ay is this Michael Jackson on the hook? that sounds so familiar if it is nice props on this one mayn cuz this is somethin’ like a tribute to a great and why not do a great song to this??


  54. oh my god!!!!this beat is fantastic..i go crazyyyyyyy

  55. 屌!

  56. All Beatmakers of shadowville using fl studio?

    Check Mah beats..

  57. wowwww is so cool!

  58. i take this beat fore my rap of the pain of my ex wife

  59. nice work men….peace

  60. Great! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KOMEDYEN new track

  61. Great Nıgga…

  62. cool beat maaaaan

  63. I have over 60 songz written to Shadow Ville. 1nz up right now were just recorded. Rough Mixed. If you want to hear more of what i have done with your instrumentals. Holla back. I can email you more music. Thankz. Thanks Shadowville.

  64. u need a sim card or mem stick for yer phone then u gotta transfer the file via usb cable…

  65. anyone?

  66. how to download this kind of beat in your phone or else?

  67. Just finished it up, kinda made the quiet exit 2 type shit, quite tightt

  68. Gayet iyi.. Respect…[ßeatLe] KaL

  69. Hottest beat on here

  70. good beat 2deep!!!!

  71. çok güzel emeğe saygı :)

  72. nice beate homie

  73. IT`s so Bounce beat.

  74. yo this shit is intellectual
    if you listen to the drum pattern the kicks are like heart beats

  75. good beat

  76. man keep it up this shit is fucking bumping keep more beats comeing with hooks like this

  77. Very good beat 10/10

  78. 10x about the lyrics !

  79. this is some bad ass shit right here, nice work 5zzz

  80. VERY sweet. Maybe this would suit me? Check out my site.

  81. not bad..not special ^^ but i luv slantizez swagg..damn !

  82. Yeah i aint gonna rap bout sme love story stuff getspitonyourface, i’m gonna go hard with some deep lyrics on this

  83. niiice beat bro!

  84. so you want to throw our love away
    so you think we ought to say goodbye
    And you tell me we’ve run out of time
    Can’t make a heart, stop on a dime

  85. Must confess… This beat is hot…

    But what are the lyrics ?

  86. Yeah wondering wat the lyrics are, hot beat
    Man i love what shadowville is doing lately with them guitars, keep it up

  87. Nice beat…
    i like it…

  88. Lyrics from the hook ?

  89. wow fucking beautiful dope beat. I love your style man keeping it underground

  90. its sick…. i don’t wanna hear anyone rapping about some weak love story bullshit on this beat, i need to hear violent lyrics

  91. im 3 days ahead of yall on dis one. haha.

  92. good sh*t , like those guitar samples

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