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Alone In The Dark

Jul 19 2009 | BPM: 88 | Producer: 2Deep
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76 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Sad piano and string sample with steady kicks and rimshots.

Genres: Underground

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76 Feedback to “Alone In The Dark”

  1. Hi can someone send me this beat, please ? :D

  2. is this available to buy or lease ?

  3. pleas DOWNLOAD

  4. very good :D

  5. please sey my, great beat

  6. this is the beat that started it all for me its the one that got me wanting to produce it is the most beutiful piece of music iv EVER heard the only beat that can truly keep up with this one is just another day but all your work is fire this is just the best one you have ever done :)

  7. bravo bravo mnogo jak beat respekt samo napred !:)

  8. good

  9. i like

  10. nice beat…bueno

  11. Kollegah :)

  12. harıka

  13. is there anyway i can get this its very good plz send it m8

    send me man, this is awsome

  15. this song is cool i wanna write a lyrics to my mom, she was dead……..can u give me this song?im live in chinese…. thanks~

  16. wow this is cool,can you send me it pls?!

    MY !!! :)


  17. wow dude great beat can you send it

  18. People could yoyu send me this beat… … really need this beat … Please

  19. dude who ever made this beat they need a fuckin grammy

  20. <33

  21. Its Damn Awesum.. I Luv It

  22. - say me please, good bit ;)

  23. plisss

  24. Not Download

  25. plis

  26. dammmmmnnnnn…itz killin…

  27. Please email it to me:

  28. Beat de 10

  29. amazing ! !! ! ! !! !

  30. down cho^~ neo` zak
    paj ny nge hey wa mun khoc lun hjzhjz


  31. where download
    say it to me.

    @yilmaz55, tell it to nobody boys!

    @p0ul0u, Yes mate… could you send me this beat please to my e-mail… I really needed this beacuse wnat to make suprise for my girlfriend …


  32. benden beat satın alabilirsiniz

  33. say dawg im a 15 year old rapper and man your beats are sick..
    real shit man all of em aint one i cant bob my head to
    keep on doin wat you doin man much love

  34. der beste beat den ich bis jetzt gehört habe.

  35. I know where you can download the beat, but I tell it to nobody

  36. harbi nasıl indircez

  37. Nasıl İndircez ? Where Download ?

  38. pliiiiiiis send to ME !!!

  39. nasıl indiricez ? Where Download ?

  40. ßu şeqiLde indiRdim vaLa ßen :D

  41. Goood no Download?… :(

  42. ı cant downloaD xS

  43. :S ı cant downloaD :S

  44. :S ı^cant downloaD :S

  45. a million rhymes in my head to compliment this beat.
    good work mate.

  46. i really want to rap on this

  47. asdads bunu nasıl ındırebılırızz

  48. man that’s a great instrumental man !

  49. yeah man your beats are the best,
    from spain ;)

  50. goodd

  51. good production maaaaaaannnnn!!!!!!!!!

  52. very nice :)

  53. I got some beats, and i am dancing with my sister in the house

  54. im gonna cop me some usership rights thats a hiroshima beat rightthurrrrrr,right one,for ghetto hostage,hit me up,gblock ent, bronx nyc 718…,its all for the porr and the ghetto

  55. If i had the money to buy the rights to this
    it would be the first thing i do

  56. thanks konjos

  57. oooooooooooooooooooooooh man its so good beats

  58. niiiiice !!!

  59. Good stuff bro i vibe to it all tha time

  60. Sell agregen beat

  61. eyw. sanikk59

  62. Hey were a new HIP-Hop group and we really like your beat.. its hot if there is anyway u could holla at us that would be sweet!!!

  63. Great! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KomedyeN new track


  65. oh my dream beat ilove it man!!!! nys!!! its purely underground wit softside

  66. im gunna wreck this shit!

  67. amazing !! man nice job ;] you roX :))

  68. i’m out of words, this beat is sick!
    keep up the good work;)


  69. this is a really nice beat, 4/5

  70. Dope. seriously you’re one of the most consistent with your beats. The underground shit you be dropping is sick all the latest shit you dropped is sick keep it up

  71. Yoo 2deep Your my producer brother. Im goning to buy one of your beats off you soon. im writing to it right now. add me to msn if you want to talk bizz and change the game been listening to your shit all day man your talented alone in the dark just poped up way to hyped

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