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Poetry Of The Heart

Jul 21 2009 | BPM: 88 | Producer: Slantize
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78 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Soft and emotional, romantic yet bittersweet melody using pianos, cellos, violins, and guitar over steady drums.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: East Coast

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78 Feedback to “Poetry Of The Heart”

  1. Slant, you should make a new, updated version of this. what a beautiful melody.. i would love to write something to this and got a hook in my head already


    check it out, and share it thanks :)


    my version.. thanks bro..


  5. this is going out to all you fukin peeps shittin for a beat
    non of the producers of shadowville will send you their beats only because yall mothafukers ask them to send it to you if you really want it purchase it and if itsz unavailable then that’s to bad for yall bitches

  6. why download?

  7. Check Out My Lil Brothers Track That He Did With This Beat You Won’t Regret Listening To It

  8. AWSOME…..

  9. beautiful xD

  10. i’ve literallylistened to all of the 339 sad beats on shadowville…n this one is definitely one of the best 3…..9.5/10

  11. You can send me this beat?here is beautifu e-maill:

  12. i really love this beat y cant i download it.

  13. could someone please send me this beat i felt i love with it

  14. could somebody send me that beat? please

  15. I found this beat on YouTube and used it, but can I get the MP3 of this beat, please? Thanks, hit me up with a message with a download link ! :)

  16. Slantize this is your the best beat Good Job
    Greetings from Polish :D

  17. such a touching piece of art .

  18. please please please please please send me this beat

  19. çok güzel

  20. Dowloand Pluss ! :( Slantize Plss

  21. Hey man,
    the beat’s awesome. Too bad it’s already sold, I’d buy it pronto.
    Now all that’s left is to ask - Would you mind telling me the score? I’d love to play THAT on piano. Pretty please?
    Respect to your work Slantize!
    The Poet

    @fatdog92, i have no idea what the score is. i just play it by ear

  22. send me this beat please ..

  23. Amazing…

  24. can someone send this plzzzz?

  25. send it me please i really want it!!!!!
    this is great stuff, keep up the work

  26. please send me this beat . very nice beat!!!!



  28. is perfec man ! yeah! :)

  29. @emirhere… SEND IT TO ME PLEASE!?

  30. 5/5 amazing beat …….;)

    peace thematic

  31. this beat is awesome..

  32. @Emirhere, didn’t think anyone would actually send it, so didn’t check up on it really, but if you still checking this out once in a while, my email is:
    Lame ? Yes, I know . I was 13 years old when I made it ,. Give me a break . lol

  33. if there is someone having this greeat beat plz send it to my mail PLZ plz plzzzz

  34. albayhenry… ulan senin ismin küfür işte :D

  35. download no download fuck

  36. scorpio ? give me ur email .. even diz iz already bought i can download it .. i could send 2 u if u want to .. holla

  37. So what if he bought it ? Someone who downloaded it before you bought it could send it, I don’t write to release albums and such, I write to get my feelings out, that’s all, so I don’t need the beat you bought, I don’t need license for this, but I do need the beat to a track . DAMN dope, that’s what it is .

  38. me encanta la base :D

  39. çok güzel valla

  40. küfür etmeyin lan :D

  41. u should LET people DOWNLOAD this beat man ! people wants it ;) its awesome

  42. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk…………

  43. sorry dude but i bought this one

  44. broz, can I have a copy this sh*t … pls .. send it t my email.. keep safe ..

  45. yesnoww

  46. By far one of the best you have made. Honest true talent in this track. great work

  47. betooow ejjen agladyarow….(((

  48. Great beat !!

  49. beleve its something special

  50. You’re Amazing Slant. I Love ALL Of Your Beat. Thank You A Lot. 10000/10000

  51. i love everyone of your beats!

  52. hey oggy can i do a remix of your song do it better i like the chorus and i wanna sample it so if u can give me tha acapella to the chorus i would greatly appreciate it thanx if u need to contact me just call me at 16307767

  53. good beat…I like it…


  55. Slantize…you did it again. You truly make music for the hearing impaired…music for the soul. There is no rating to describe how this song makes me feel.

  56. i like dis beaat

  57. the beat is very good realy

    none profit website.
    all songs on this site are from

  59. sicker than sick, iller than ill, flowy as it gets.5/5

  60. You definetly got some soul in you bruv, you make the deepest beats i know and their sick every time, you know that. composition of a killa 5/5

    keep these typa beats coming, inspiring ones, you got it locked

  61. This is beautiful my friend.. Simply fucken beautiful!! Great work Slant! 1000/1000

  62. really like this beat, 5/5

  63. men u r awesone!
    te pasaste con este beat loko eres de los pro’s!
    wena onda!


  65. Visit My Website you can download music, albums, mixtapes, and beats

  66. damnnnn youve done it agian! wow amazing 5/5

  67. I love it bro. Your beats never cease to amaze me.

  68. damnnn 5/5

  69. yo slant mang i give you 5/5 one of the best yo aye diggin the topic mang poetry of the heart thats some mad shyte dawg keep it up

  70. this beat is crazy

  71. incredible baby !

  72. I think I just had an ear-gasm :)

  73. greaat beat =)

  74. Again gotta say love what you’ll doing with guitars lately, its hot 5/5

  75. OMG!!! Slant you did it again, excellent work 5/5.

  76. Great beat for some deep topics. Pretty Unique to. Good job.

  77. Dope.

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