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91 things that made us say ‘holy sh*t’ in 2021


5:49 pm
December 28, 2021



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Against all odds, the year 2021 is drawing to a close (I wasn’t sure we’d make it this far for a while). The previous 365 days seemed to drag on longer than 2020, yet they also seemed to vanish in the blink of an eye. We’ve got one more bit of business to take care of as we prepare to celebrate the end of the year and look forward to—or brace ourselves for—a gleaming new 2022. V Bucks Generator It’s serious business!

Let’s look back at what shocked, surprised, delighted, and appalled the PC Gamer team in 2021, not by flexing our memories or writing well-considered think-pieces, but by simply searching our Slack channel to see how many times we said “holy sh*t” over the last year and revealing what we were talking about when we said it.

And a lot of things this year made us go “holy sh*t”! Trailers for the E3 conference. Prototype laptops Sandwiches with grilled cheese. Draculas in miniature. Anime illnesses. Vacuum cleaners are a type of vacuum cleaner. And there’s more. Even videogames aren’t immune to this. In 2021, there were 91 things that made us say “holy sh*t.”


5:39 am
January 28, 2022


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1:06 am
March 2, 2022


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