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do you wear jewelry?


7:08 am
May 5, 2020


Fresh Meat

Posts: 7


Are here any jewelry lovers? How often do you wear it, and what is your favorite gemstone?


3:36 am
May 20, 2020


Fresh Meat

Posts: 8


I love jewelry, but I wear it very rarely, only on special occasions. Some time ago, the situation was different. I used to have only one ring and a few pairs of earrings because I didn’t see a point in wearing jewelry, but now everything is different. And what about gemstone? I think that diamond is my favorite. It’s a classic, and your diamond jewelry looks good with any outfit. This article here helps me a lot when it comes to buying a piece of new jewelry. Also, there I found a lot of info about diamonds, 4c characteristics, etc.

3:18 am
May 21, 2020



Posts: 18


I don’t really like wearing jewelry, but when it’s a special occasion, I put on one of my jewelry sets, because it makes me look flawless. And my favorite gemstone is diamond. Sometimes people avoid buying it because of the high price, but everything depends on carat and other characteristics. It’s possible to find an excellent diamond jewelry piece for a reasonable price. Also, I have gsi diamond certification for each my stone, because each of the four C’s (Carat Weight, Cut, Color, Clarity) affects the price ( if you want to sell it in the future) and for me, it’s a more like guarantee that the stone is not fake.