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Jesus and the Argumentative - Calling the Spiritually Blind to Truly See!


5:11 am
April 12, 2021



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If both of these groups, and just plain folks alike, Manifestation Wizard were to explore the deeper roots of such tragedies and catastrophes they might discover a common ground supporting them, and us, to resolve the problem of such social or atmospheric tragedies or catastrophes.What’s really, really underneath the senseless assassinations we witnessed in Tucson, on the one hand and “El Nino” - the “scapegoat” usually cited as the cause of unusual weather patterns, on the other?

The answer to the question, both questions, is to look at what’s underneath both the wicked weather in the atmosphere and the wicked folks who foster our current state of social upset.Also, let’s remember Einstein’s quote: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them,” as we move to gain greater insight during our exploration.

Whether the vitriol is about the weather or politics, we hear most suggesting we change the way we debate, disagree and dialogue i.e., we have to change the tone and tenor in which we interact. Moreover, others are suggesting that we change our state of mind (vis-a-vis, for example, about politics, economics, education, ethics, corruption, the weather issue, and the like.) in order to what.