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RSS Feeds Tutorial

What is this feed thing everyone is talking about?

It’s a standardized format that lets you subscribe to a web site using a tool called a news reader or aggregator.

The orange XML and RSS buttons let you locate feeds in one quick glance.

Why should I care about feeds?

The main reasons why feeds are so useful:

  • You want to be notified of new beats from Shadowville Productions without visiting our actual website.
  • You prefer to see the new beats listed on a single convenient location next to the rest of your feeds from other websites.
  • You want to be notified of new beats and updates from Shadowville Productions but do not want to subscribe via e-mail address.
  • You want to reorganize the beat listings that is available for syndication as you see fit.
  • RSS Feeds are often conveniently arranged in your news reader or portal website next to your stock info, weather info, news headlines, and much more.
  • A web-based service means your favorite updates will remain available even when you change computers.
  • Search engines and portals will provide tools to organize feeds by topic and relevance rather than by site and date.

So how do I subscribe to a feed?

It’s super simple. Just click the relevant button:

These buttons are also located at the bottom of each page on the Shadowville Productions website. They are already pre-linked so they automatically add the Shadowville beat feeds to the desired corresponding website.

Remember, there are tons of other news readers and RSS aggregators out there! You can also try the following:

  • Google search and download RSS or News Aggregators; or
  • Download Firefox; or
  • Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher