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On Lock (With Hook)

Nov 10 2009 | BPM: 68 | Producer: Adamack
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55 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Triumphant southern beat with uplifting horns, synths, and 808s for an energetic sound. Thanks to Marka for the hook.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring
Genres: Dirty South

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55 Feedback to “On Lock (With Hook)”

  1. - Neurontine

  2. check me out preciate it #realhiphop

  3. Hey man could u send it to me ill make a song with it and send it back badass ‘

  4. send me the link to download this ! sickk ass beat !

  5. ayyooo this is a sickk beatt kiidd.. the chorus is skilled too… send me the link to download this beat i wnna rip up a couple verses to this track, i been rappin for 2 years, i do live shows n shitt… ill even shout u outt on the track… send it to


  7. dude send me this beatpliz man, i gotta do something send it to

  8. also who do i give credit for for the hook????

  9. hey , i leased this out bout last year with the hook and lost the it on another computer! the lyrcks are sick that i mad to it and trying to put a cd together with that track.. i have it recorded and its on… but my vocals are to high, i want to rerecord it and edit it on my new computer.. i paid 20$ bucks

  10. i know its already bought but how much you want for it ill double

  11. who is the singer on the hook?

  12. please send me this beat so i can have some fun wit it!

  13. On life this beat go so fucking hard

  14. Awesome I’m feeling this beat it’s a beast

  15. how to make this beat available?

  16. does someone has this on their pc’s downloaded so it can be uploaded to limelinx…..just for freestylin :D

  17. Bro I aint heard a beat on dis bitch yet dat tops dis one shawty doin his thang all tha way round

  18. is there any way i can download beats even if its unavaliable

  19. i wil by a bootleg of his for 700

  20. i lie this beat its the best as i have heard so far

  21. I Really Like This Beat,. I’d Like To Use It,.. I’m A Recording Artist, And I Enjoy Every Beat Produced By You,.. i’d Actually Like To Do sum Major Pre my own ojects as well,.. i hav a independent lable @ the momment called GROUND~UP Ent., but anyway contact me @

    i’d like u to hear sum of my music

  22. wazzz up!!! bro!!! Very good songg i lov this song!!!!! Your song on lock interesed!!!!
    How do I download?????? peace

  23. u are only one on this … that isnt on that techno bullshit and about hiphop right now plz make this beat downloadable

  24. U cant get diz beat cuz it getz bought mayne .. ^^

  25. by the way how can i get this beat, coz it says unavailable?

  26. Off tha hook man…this has an ill vibe to it..i can see a hit track cuming outta this one….

  27. this is the shit right here its streamly hoooot!!!! yo pease make it avalible adamack

  28. I need lyrics of this track….who can write???i neeeeeeddd very match…pleaseeee
    respect, Muxtar!

  29. who do we give credit to for actually singing the hook?

  30. i have leased the beat if anyone wanna do a collabo get at me on

    @qtbreeza, send the beat to and i will do a verse

  31. well ure my second fav. prod. =)

    Slant still nr.1

    Great Job

  32. your meant to make beats brother, whats this guy singing? is he going to be performing at the concert with me? thanks for the beats…

  33. im workin on this right now check my other tracks

  34. This beat is the nastiest sh** ive heard on shodowville yet! I keep listenin to it over and over. Imma kill this one. Mad props! New style and a sick hook. Keep it up! Slantize your boy is steppin it up..better keep up. Quality!

  35. The same beat on 2 website… http://www.*******************.com/beats/218/

  36. what is the lyrics of the hook? and i loved the beat!



  38. Beastmo I got to rap to diss


  40. adammack #1 blowin evry1 away

  41. nice!!

  42. Bigup!
    This beat is hot!!! Respect….keep doin dis way
    but please…can sum1 tell me what da hook says???
    Thx, peace

  43. Yo I Like His Style A Lot I Cant Wait To Hear More Shit From Him Its Like Your First Hit Of Crack You Have To Have Some More Lol I Agree With The First Comment

  44. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BEAT!!! this establishes adamack’s skills. now. . . time to start writing!

  45. y like this beats alot keep kiling this producer

  46. Slantize and Sinima=1

    No hate but the beats them 2 done are out of this world nice beat luv the hook btw

  47. The hook is what makes this beat. The percussion and the breakdown halfway thru the verses=HOT! The synth that comes in halfway thru the hook seems like it’s loud, but it is not too loud that it is distracting. The only thing I don’t liike is the brass lead in the verses. I don’t know if it’s that particular instrument or if its the repetitive melody. It still is effective and serves its purpose for this type of song. I have thought for a long time this was an un-tapped market for Shadowville. The beat with hook is a blazer. Props!


    Its so groovy choir man!


    BLESS from Spain, BLOCK ROYAL

  49. sorry, i’m italian and so i can’t understand well the hook. Can u write it? Thanks [sorry for my bad english]

  50. I still think hala-x is no. 1…usually i dont like these kinda beats cuz i prefer more underground shit but damn adamack, your shit is hype…im lovin em…this shit right here is fuckin dope 5/5



  52. Im inlove with Adamack beats,
    no homo.

  53. Slant is slowly releasing Adamack’s beats.. He dosn’t wanna flood the frontpage with a shit load of his beats all at one time.. So he’s building up a hype.. And this beat is NASTY AS FUCK!!

  54. Jesus fam! 5th drop and still fire!! mad props!

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